How Could Social Media Benefit Your Business In 2021?

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How Could Social Media Benefit Your Business In 2021?

What does your business really need in 2021?

How could you use social media to help achieve your objectives?

This is not one of those articles full of (often obvious) predictions about social media in the coming year. Instead it’s a list of areas where we’ve seen social media have a massive effect in 2020 – and know it could work for you in 2021…


We’ve pioneered a new method of recruiting that has seen fantastic success! Using advanced LinkedIn techniques we find ideal candidates for your role and ensure the very best are sent over to you to interview.  And it involves not paying a penny to LinkedIn! Here’s what Adam Chappel of Allison Baby had to say on his successful recruitment campaign:

“We decided to do things differently this time with our recruitment, and put our trust in Status Social’s innovative LinkedIn method, and we’re so glad we did. It’s fair to say that we wouldn’t have found these people using a traditional route. I would definitely recommend Status Social for your recruitment.”

Lead Generation?

We’ve been running organic lead-generation campaigns for years now across LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram. We’ve worked with all sorts of businesses from a huge variety of industries with a B2B focus. A 7-month campaign with Cattermole Electrical saw us generate 31 leads for them. We’ve also used social media to generate leads with some of the world’s biggest auditing firms. Are you in need of new leads? Have a look here and maybe we could do the same for you.

We ran a lead-generation campaign for family business Cattermole Electrical averaging a lead per week on LinkedIn.

Brand Awareness?

If you feel like too many of your target audience aren’t aware of your business then you may need make to some noise on social media. We can build your following, make a big splash about your business and its values, and create an online community of fans. Campaigns like this work really well with the next item on this list…

People at your virtual event?

2020 has seen many events and exhibitions cancelled and instead moved to virtual gatherings. The targeting ability of social media makes it an excellent tool when it comes to ensuring you still attract the right people to your virtual event. When your target audience gets a personalised invitation from you on social media, they just cannot say ‘no’! Personalised follow up messages and further information links direct to people’s inboxes can help increase your brand awareness and get your product / service seen as if you were at a real event or exhibition.

Social Media Customer Service?

Having problems on Twitter? Getting complaints on Facebook? Not sure of the right way to handle it all? Well we are. We respond to every issue within only an hour of the posting, and our objective is not just to placate an upset customer, but to actively win them round and turn them into advocates. We can manage your social media customer service or train you how to handle it yourself.

Social Media Advertising?

It’s amazing!! Social media advertising could be the best pound-for-pound use of your marketing budget. Need to drive traffic to your website? Can do. Need to sell a large volume of your product? Check. Need to be seen by hundreds of thousands of people? No problem. Need to build yourself a large following made up entirely of your target audience? Let’s do it.

social media facebook advertising analytics

We grew a pet food company’s page from almost zero to 10,000 in a matter of months at a very low cost.

Social Media Training?

Ok, maybe you’re thinking “I’d actually quite like to have a go at this myself.” Good for you. We’ve got every kind of bespoke training workshop ready to equip you to achieve your goals and smash your objectives. In 2020 one of our clients informed us they’d secured a contract worth £1.2 million pound as a direct result of our LinkedIn training.

So, where are you at? How could you improve your business’s results in 2021? Investing in social media may just be the answer. Contact us to ask us if we can help you out.


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