How Facebook advertising encouraged a bumper summer for a gardening product company

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How Facebook advertising encouraged a bumper summer for a gardening product company

“The website views were unreal!”

Just how do you double your website traffic on your gardening products? By creating a strategic Facebook advertising campaign.

Sipcam UK, the brand behind scores of environmentally-friendly garden and agricultural products, wanted to increase sales of its highly praised Ecofective gardening range.

The Status Social team identified a highly-targeted Facebook advertising campaign would be the most cost-effective and efficient way to reach potential Ecofective buyers.

Working with the Ecofective team, we identified those most likely to buy and created ads which would appeal to them. We pinpointed villages and towns where we believed the target audience would live.

“The website views during Status Social’s campaign were unreal. During the two months the Facebook adverts were running we received more than double the number of visitors compared to the same months in 2019.” Lydia Grayston, marketing manager.

Environmentally Conscious Gardening

Those targeted needed to be environmentally conscious gardeners who cared about their children’s and grandchildren’s safety. They were gardeners who didn’t mind paying for better quality products.

The campaign was a huge success. During the two months in which it was running, the Ecofective ads were seen 1.1 million times by nearly half a million people. They generated 16,800 clicks to the landing pages with the lowest cost-per-click being just 6p.

How organisations have generated £3 million and more through social media.

Ecofective’s reputation as a social brand was also increased during the campaign. Many people engaged with the ads, asking questions publicly and privately. The number of followers on the Ecofective page also increased as a by-product of the campaign.

“The Status Social team were fantastic to work with, responding quickly to our many questions, even out of office hours.” Lydia Grayston, marketing manager.

The Sipcam team were so pleased with the work carried out by Status Social, they have now pinpointed several other campaigns they would like to partner on.

Get in touch to find out how Facebook advertising or other target social media can help your business achieve its objectives.

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