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How Mindful Social Media Use Can Help Your Mental Health

Connection and community have been two themes that have come to matter so much whilst we’ve been in relative isolation. As individuals and as businesses, connection is increasingly important and powerful, writes Alice Smith.

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Three Reasons Why Your Video Needs Subtitles

And three ways to add them! Back in the day, subtitles (AKA captions) were something that you only came across in limited circumstances. They were a crucial accessibility feature for deaf people, they were handy if you couldn’t hear the TV over your mum’s hoovering, and they provided a good laugh during Eurovision when you […]

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How to Get Your Posts Seen by More People on Instagram

Just how can you increase the reach of your Instagram content? By understanding the changes coming in the newsfeed, that’s how!

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How Often Should You Post on LinkedIn?

Once a week? Twice a week? Every day? Just how often should you post on LinkedIn? Read what a LinkedIn expert thinks.

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Social Media Training – 8 Questions to Ask Before You Book

How do you choose who to go to when you want to learn how to use social media? Here are 8 questions to ask your potential social media trainer before booking.

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How Facebook Advertising Encouraged a Bumper Summer for a Gardening Product Company

“The website views were unreal!” Just how do you double your website traffic on your gardening products? By creating a strategic Facebook advertising campaign.

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How Could Social Media Benefit Your Business In 2022?

What does your business really need in 2022? How could you use social media to help achieve your objectives?

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How I Became an ‘Influencer’ on Instagram

How Status Social’s administrator somehow became an influencer on Instagram!

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7 Questions to Ask Your Social Media Manager to Ensure They’re Not Ripping You Off

Getting value from your social media manager? Want to make sure you’re not being taken for a ride? Here’s your handy checklist with the questions to ask.

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