Why Your Business Should Recruit Purely Through Social Media

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Why Your Business Should Recruit Purely Through Social Media

How do you find the best candidates for your job roles without spending a fortune recruiting via agencies?

Finding it hard to ensure you’re getting a fresh set of candidates rather than recruiting those regularly doing the rounds?

Could social media recruiting be the right solution?

No, we’re not talking about posting about your latest vacancy or even using social media advertising to attract candidates. We’re talking about a unique way of recruiting.

We are talking about using social media on a ONE-TO-ONE basis to reach out to those people who could fill your role. Profile-to-profile. That means using social media in the way it’s supposed to be used – socially.

So, here are 6 reasons why you should consider social media recruitment:

1. It comes from the hirer

People are so fed up with being approached by recruitment agencies on platforms like LinkedIn that they won’t accept their connection requests. An approach from a ‘normal’ person is much more likely to be welcomed.


2. It reaches the best

Let’s be honest, the best hires are those people who aren’t actually looking to leave their job. But they do so because they recognise a greater challenge.

They are the people who will come into your business looking for new opportunities and ready to learn. How do you get the attention of these people? Through one-to-one social media recruitment.

You also avoid those candidates recycled by recruitment agencies: the ones who get contacted year after year by a recruiter looking for another commission.


3. You remain in charge when recruiting

You get to choose who you want to approach through social media recruitment. There’s none of this scatter-gun approach. You can check out the profiles of potential candidates, if they fit your criteria and approach them. It cuts down on unnecessary interviewing.



4. You can search by character

Anyone who knows anything about good recruitment understands that the right character comes before experience when you’re hiring. What’s the point in taking on someone who’s highly skilled but destroys your team dynamics? A skilled social media recruiter will be able to look for certain characteristics, values and attitudes before they approach someone.


5. It costs less than other forms of recruiting

Clearly one-to-one social media recruiting is not as cheap as placing a free listing on Indeed. Or even doing a classified ad in a local newspaper. But it can be a quarter of the price of using a recruitment company.

6. You save on future costs

Not every person you contact on social media is going to be interested in your job, no matter how amazing it is. But because you’ve approached them in the right way, and already connected over social media. They’re more likely to see your future posts, be reminded of your organisation and apply for future vacancies. They’ll also be easier for you to approach if another suitable vacancy comes up.

When social media recruiting is NOT right for you


Being honest, though (and we are an ethical social media agency), social media recruiting is not right for every vacancy or every employer. When is social media recruiting not right for you? Here are four important factors that may put you off.

1. You don’t want to be involved in the recruitment process

If you want your candidates shortlisted, vetted and decided upon purely on their CV, you’ll need a recruitment agency for that. Social media recruitment requires you taking an interest in the process. You may have to personally respond to questions asked about the job over social media. Or take part in a telephone call with them.

2. You want somebody today

Social media recruiting is not a quick job. The average LinkedIn and Twitter users, for example, only log on to the networks once a month. Our usual recruitment campaigns are two months long and there’s a good reason for that.

Social media is not a quick fix solution.

3. Your candidates can’t be identified on social media

Although social media is incredibly sophisticated, it’s not perfect. You can’t always find a particular type of person on social media. Sometimes, you can’t identify a person’s skills sufficiently. It’s worth doing some research before embarking on any social media campaign. Or asking your social media recruiter the right questions to ensure you’re not wasting money.

4. You want absolute certainty

Unlike recruitment agencies who generally work on hefty commissions, social media recruitment campaigns usually charge a flat fee. This doesn’t guarantee they will find the right candidate in the time period you want.

Of course, a reputable and ethical social media agency shouldn’t be taking on your challenge unless they’re confident they will find relevant candidates. But since the selection process (not only you choosing the candidates but the candidates choosing you) is out of the agency’s hands. It’s no wonder they don’t offer unrealistic guarantees.

So, where does that leave you when it comes to social media recruitment? Is it something worth trying or would you rather stick to your tried and tested methods?

Whichever you choose, your recruitment has got to be getting you the best candidates – because there are few things worse in company life than bad employees.

Status Social has not only carried out numerous successful social media recruitment campaigns, it also runs workshops for HR teams and recruiters so they can run campaigns themselves. If you’d like to know more then get in touch.


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