Why Paid Social Media Could Be Perfect For YOU

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Why Paid Social Media Could Be Perfect For YOU

Have you considered that social media advertising could be the most value-for-money marketing you will ever do?

If you have a specific target audience and want to ensure you don’t waste your budget on the wrong people, then social media advertising is just awesome! 

Not only that, you can analyse your results to the nth degree and learn SO much from the data for future campaigns!

For many organisations, organic social media reach isn’t what it used to be. Business owners and marketers complain the number of people who see their posts for free is getting smaller.

According to research, the average reach for a Facebook business page is just 6.4% of its total number of likes. That’s awful! With most Facebook page managers having little idea about the algorithm that decides which of their content will appear on the newsfeed, the prospects are bleak.

So, apart from employing somebody to produce superb content that gets engagement and boosts your organic reach, the obvious option is to pay for your reach.

Enter the world of social media advertising

When it comes to mass marketing online, there is almost no more cost effective way to reach thousands, or even millions of people with your brand and content, than via social media advertising.

Not only is it cheap in relation to other methods, it is incredibly specific in its targeting, and amazingly accurate in its measurements.

With social media advertising you can track everything. For instance, if you have an e-commerce website, you can track every view and sale that comes through your social media advert.

Analytics and data interpretation is one of our passions at Status Social.

You can select the objective of your advert to make it perform according to your needs. The most popular objectives include:

  • Brand awareness – getting as many people to see your brand as possible.
  • Sales – direct purchasing as a result of seeing the advert.
  • Followers – building up your business page or profile.
  • Web traffic – increasing visitors to your website.

You can pay per unit of measurement – cost-per-result/cost-per-click – depending on the objective you set, and the goal of an excellent advertiser is to drive down that cost.

So what is a good cost-per-result? It depends. For example, in some retail sectors £1 per Facebook ‘like’ would be considered good, but £1 for a click to a website would be considered expensive.

We’ve managed to get cost-per-clicks as low as £0.0043 on one campaign (yes, less than half a pence per click), and Facebook page likes for a pet food company costing just 20p each.

social media facebook advertising analytics

What if your business is B2B and you’re looking for clients to meet with?

No problem. Just set up your campaign to achieve what you want. Ask yourself, what would be my moment of conversion?

If a conversion on an advert is an enquiry from a potential client, then set up your advert accordingly. Make the advert’s aim to encourage your target audience to click through to your landing or contact page and track the results.

The good news is that most people are on social media. Knowing how to target them and creating content that will capture their attention is the great skill of an advertiser, and if you get that right, you will meet your targets and objectives, and then some.

For the digitally savvy, setting up and running a social media advertising campaign can be easy, although getting the cost-per-result to a low price can take time. For others, we recognise that social media advertising can be bamboozling and complicated.

If you’re one of the latter then get in touch and with the social media advertising experts at Status Social.

Jamie Cernik heads up Status Social’s Social Media Management team. Jamie and his colleagues have managed scores of social media advertising campaigns across many sectors with results at the heart of all they do.


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