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Social Media Strategy Workshop

A social media strategy is essential if you want to achieve your organisation’s goals on social media

Create your Road Map to Social Media Success

Our social media strategy workshop process will give you direction, empowering you and increasing your chances of achieving your objectives through social media.

If you want to take your social media to the next level, learning as you go, you will love our social media strategy workshops.



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How does this work?

  • Includes a comprehensive support package
  • Tailored to your organisation
  • Face-to-face at your place or ours
  • One, two or three sessions

How you’ll benefit

You’ll understand the social media landscape, what is and isn’t possible with social media, and the opportunities available for your organisation.

You will identify how you can reach your audience and achieve your objectives, and have a plan in place to measure your success.

You will have a social media strategy document which you and your team will use to guide your steps over the coming months and years.

You’ll receive three months of support following the workshop to help you start the process of putting your social media strategy into place.

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Don’t just take our word for it…

Fascinating afternoon exploring social media.

Jenny Wye | Vision Express

Vision Express has a great offering but wanted to use social media more effectively to get its message out.

Working with team members from across different departments including marketing, PR and branding we looked at what they were doing on social media and where they wanted to be.

We helped them put together a flexible social media strategy which would greatly increase their chances of success and keep them focused on achieving their objectives for years to come.

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We think it’s important to measure our activity on social media – and we love it when our clients tell us what they’ve achieved with our help!

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