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The organisers of a new food and drink festival approached us to help launch their events across the UK.

In an intensive one month social media campaign, we reached hundreds of thousands of people and delivered an ROI of at least 416%.

The event organisers were completely new to social media. So our first job was to set up a Facebook brand page and Twitter profile. 

We had a different strategy for each platform. On Facebook, we created a unique page for each forthcoming event and used the main company page to promote these events. We encouraged people to follow the page, engage with the posts and buy tickets. We also ran a few paid ads and paid a small amount to boost certain posts.

On Twitter, we tweeted more than 40 times each day and sent individual messages to people living in certain key areas, inviting them to attend the events.

A Phenomenal Response

The immediate response was overwhelming. On day one, 142 people liked the Facebook page and 806 people saw content associated with the page. We then averaged 35 new likes per day, so that within just 14 days the page had 494 likes.

In those first 14 days, we posted 20 times and these posts were seen by 40,088 people. Across the 20 posts, we generated 417 shares, 549 likes and 215 comments. We made a point of responding to every comment we received. We also invited everyone who liked a post to follow the page.

If we combine organic reach, paid reach and viral reach, our Facebook content was seen by 68,026 people in just two weeks. That’s an average of 4,859 people a day.

Within that first month, a whopping 165,854 people had seen posts from the Facebook page.
Over on Twitter our tweets were seen just under 41,000 times, 817 people visited the Twitter profile and there were 107 clicks on website links.

Using Social Media To Sell Tickets

Our aim was to sell tickets for 13 separate events spread across the UK. Some of these events were just weeks away. Others were months away. Naturally, we decided to focus on the nearest events first.

The first event was to take place in Derby. Most of our initial efforts were geared towards selling tickets for this specific event. By the end of the month, the event page we created reached nearly 200,000 people, and generated nearly 3,000 responses:

social media for events

126 people clicked the “buy tickets” button on the event page. Within a month, 671 tickets for this event had been sold.

Ultimately we created event pages and associated content for all 13 events. In total, they sold 1,332 tickets in the space of a month. Some of these were slightly cheaper “early bird tickets”, so it’s hard to get an exact figure for the total amount this represents. But according to our calculations, based on what they paid us, the event organisers made an ROI of between 416% and 555%.

Keep it Social

Why was this campaign so successful? It’s partly because the event itself was so desirable. As we’ve said before, certain things will always go down well on social media. This was a premium food and drink festival that promised to be magnificent. It was always going to kindle excitement.

But that said, this isn’t the Field of Dreams. If you build it, they might not necessarily come. Our job was to stoke the fire to sustain the levels of excitement, and to continuously reach out to ensure that as many people as possible were aware of what was going on.

There’s also value in making people feel valued. We made a point – spending hours doing so – of responding to every comment we received. This may have sent a subtle message to our followers – that if they spoke to us, we’d speak back. It’s not a stretch to suggest that this could have encouraged more people to comment. This is the social side of social media, and its importance cannot be understated.

The end result was a huge number of ticket sales and a considerable ROI for our client. Not bad for a month’s work!

Want Us To Use Social Media to Make Your Event Take Off?

This isn’t the first time we’ve successfully used social media to promote an event. We’ve had similar successes with The Derby Book Festival (three times!), with the Format International Photography Festival, and with the Derby Beer Festival.

We’ve also applied our skills to promote less glamorous events. For example, our social media support helped make the world’s biggest working quarry exhibition even bigger.

Have you got any events coming up that need promoting? Get in touch and we’ll get you seen!

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