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More sales, more brand awareness and an increased loyalty – the results of a campaign for one of Derbyshire’s oldest furniture stores.

So just how did we market heritage furniture retailer, Hunters of Derby to the local community?

How we helped:

Our 17-month campaign for a Derbyshire retailer, made up of a mix of organic posting and paid Facebook advertising. Encouraging the growth of an online community where followers were turned into advocates. Ultimately, the passionate customers of Hunters took on the role of their marketing team.

And we can easily attribute five figures in sales from our Facebook campaign with the total (indirect) figure likely to be much more.

Low Cost for a Local Retailer

Our tactic was to use Facebook advertising to first draw the target audience to the Hunters Facebook page. Then we organically delivered high-quality posts into their newsfeeds. Our cost-per-follower was just 38p and we grew a following of more than 3000 people fitting the narrow profile of a Hunters’ customer.

Hunters of Derby started life in 1928. Its good relationship with its customers is of vital importance. And the same goes for its relationship with its customers on Facebook – they have to be seen to care.

What could other retailers learn from this?

Local retailers could do well to learn from the Hunters example. To beat their online rivals, local businesses need to connect with their customers. It’s not good enough to have a transactional relationship, people want to buy in to, not just buy from a local business or retailer.

We didn’t just post content for Hunters, we were their customer relations team. We responded to every single comment, review and visitor post to the page.

Every. Single. One.

We believe these interactions are the difference between having followers and fans. The difference between acquaintances and advocates, or mere customers verses an actual community.

And as a result of the hard work of Status Social, Hunters of Derby has been left with an extremely healthy and engaged Facebook community built up of true friends and fans.

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