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A blogging strategy is a powerful tool when it comes to lead generation.

When the right blog is shared with the right person at the right time, the results can be incredible. But as you’ll see, blogging can bring a range of benefits even beyond lead generation.

How we helped:

In October 2016 we started a blogging strategy for Saniflo with a particular focus on the Kinedo range of shower cubicles.

Kinedo shower cubicles never leak and they’re very easy to install and clean. In short, they’re really something.

Our blogging strategy for Saniflo essentially involves writing about just how great the Kinedo line of showers is, before sharing our posts with relevant prospects on Twitter.

Blogging is an integral part of any digital marketing strategy.

According to Hubspot’s latest “State of Inbound” report, 72% of marketers say relevant content is the most effective search engine optimisation tactic.

What To Expect From A Good Blogging Strategy

Before we discuss the nuts and bolts of our blogging strategy, let’s take a look at the results.

We have access to Kinedo’s site analytics. Here’s how they looked October 2016, before we began blogging. “Users” refers to the number of people who visited the site, and “sessions” to the number of unique visits to the site:

Blogging Strategy Saniflo - Google Analytics Before Blogging

And here’s how they look in August 2017 (fewer metrics are shown because Google recently changed their Analytics database):

Blogging Strategy Saniflo - Analytics after blogging

In less than 12 months, the number of monthly users has risen by 461% and the number of monthly sessions has risen by 503%.

In total, since August 2016 the Kinedo site has received 85,000 users and 98,000 sessions. Compared to the previous 12 months, the number of users has risen by 187%, and the number of sessions by 156%.

Blogging Strategy Saniflo - Organic traffic vs previous 12 months

With this rise in traffic has come a rise in enquiries through the site.

In the first seven months of 2016, the Kinedo site received no more than 16 enquiries each month. In the first seven months of 2017, the Kinedo site received no less than 54 enquiries each month.

So a significant rise in traffic and a considerable rise in enquiries in less than 12 months. But…

Is This All Because of Our Blogging Strategy?


Our blogging strategy is just part of Kinedo’s overall marketing activity. They also run paid ads on Google, for example. And in April 2016 they ran a huge promotion for one of their flagship products that included national and regional newspaper adverts, door drops and Post Office advertising.

(Incidentally, we played a part in that promotion too! But that’s a case study for another day.)

However, though we cannot take 100% of the credit for this boost in traffic and enquiries, our blogging has certainly played its part.

How Blogging Boosts Both Traffic and Leads

Google’s algorithm favours fresh and relevant content. Sites that are regularly updated are more likely to rank than sites that are seldom updated. Through blogging, we’ve updated the Kinedo site at least once a month.

What’s more, every update is full of the keywords, related terms, alt tags and metadata that Google uses to determine a site’s value. So thanks to our blogging strategy, we’ve increased the chances that Google will display our pages for certain search queries.

What about the enquiries? Well! Our blog posts outline the many benefits of Kinedo’s shower cubicles, and they all end with a strong call to action. While a blog in itself may not be enough to convince someone to make an enquiry, it might help them move further along the sales funnel.

But all of this is incidental compared to the real purpose of our blogging strategy.

The Real Purpose of our Blogging Strategy

The blogs we write are designed to spark conversations on social media.

Indeed, as social media specialists, we’re particularly well-equipped to develop a powerful blogging strategy. We know exactly where to look to gather genuine insights into what motivates prospects to buy.

Before we started blogging, we’d spent months engaging with various demographics on Twitter. We developed a thorough understanding of the issues faced by their prospects. And having paid a visit to the Kinedo showroom in Bedford, we gathered enough material to give us a good understanding of Kinedo’s various USPs.

Our blogging strategy essentially involves focusing on an issue faced by a certain demographic and detailing how Kinedo shower cubicles solve these issues.

How It Works

Over the past 12 months, we’ve written blogs targeting:
– Homeowners.
– Plumbers.
– Timber frame construction specialists.
– Bed and breakfast owners.
– Loft convertors.
– The glamping community.

The right blog post shared with the right person at the right time can result in genuine business

We write the blogs and we share them with prospects on Twitter. A lot of the time, we’ve already built up strong relationships with these prospects, as we’ve spent months interacting with them.

We cannot share the particulars of this story due to client confidentiality, but soon after we shared a certain contact, they got in touch with a private message asking for more information.

From this interaction, a meeting was arranged. From that meeting, a sale was agreed.

Blogging Works!

At the moment we’re sending four targeted tweets per day, each focusing on a different demographic. The above example proves that this technique works, so if we keep it up we’re confident we’ll see similar results before long.

But apart from anything else, all of this blogging and social media interaction is great for brand awareness. In the past 12 months, our tweets have been seen 429,300 times and the Kinedo Twitter account has been visited 7,759 times. Our blogging strategy has made our social media strategy even stronger.

Ann Boardman, the head of marketing at Kinedo, said:

We have been working with Status Social for over two years now and their guidance has been invaluable. They have moved us onto blogs which in turn, have opened up a whole new market for us, including our first sales from Twitter!

They’re a wonderful and professional team of people to work with!

Do You Need A Blogging Strategy?

The best thing about blogging is that it can work for any business, regardless of who you are or what you do.

After all, prospects in every industry have their pain points. A well-written blog can subtly highlight just how your products or services address these pain points. A well-written series of blogs can hold your prospect’s hand through the entire sales funnel, from initial awareness to ultimate enquiry – all while improving your Google rankings and boosting the amount of traffic your site receives.

But that’s just one possible outcome of a good blogging strategy. You can also use blogs to demonstrate thought leadership, to position yourself as a reliable expert in your field. You can use guest blogs to reach a whole new audience, all while gaining a highly valuable inbound link to your site that will further improve your search rankings. And as we did with Saniflo, you can use blogs to kickstart conversations and kindle relationships on social media.

If nothing else, you can write blogs to tell your story. This will give your business a human face. And you know what they say about how people buy from people…

Does your business need a blogging strategy? We can help you tell your story, start valuable conversations, boost traffic and attract more leads.

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