BOGOF – How a LinkedIn Recruitment Campaign Produced Double Joy

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BOGOF – How a LinkedIn Recruitment Campaign Produced Double Joy

It was the ultimate BOGOF – Buy One Get One Free. In this case, it referred to job candidates!

International baby equipment company, Allison Baby, the name behind well-known brands such as Graco, Joie and Nuna, asked us to help them where recruitment companies had so far failed.

Using personal LinkedIn messaging (not advertising), we found so many potential candidates that Allison took on not one, but two people – the second for a different position!

And all for no extra cost.

“We decided to do things differently this time with our recruitment, and put our trust in Status Social’s innovative LinkedIn method, and we’re so glad we did.” Adam Chappell, Allison Baby.

Joie Baby LinkedIn Recruitment

Our specially-designed LinkedIn recruitment campaigns search out the perfect candidate for a role. At a fraction of the cost of a traditional recruitment route!

Using advanced search techniques, we source candidates with the ideal specifications suited to a particular role. Once we’ve done that, we connect, and begin the process of testing their suitability.

Once we are confident they are the sort of person we have been asked to find, we pass them over to our client to arrange the interview.

“It’s fair to say that we wouldn’t have found these people using a traditional route. I would definitely recommend Status Social for your recruitment.” Adam Chappell, Allison Baby.

Using traditional methods to find your new employees can be very expensive. As many businesses find out, a recruitment agency can charge 15%, 20% or sometimes up to 30% for certain roles. Not so with Status Social where we charge a monthly fee which ends up at just a fraction of a traditional recruiter’s fee.

Another added benefit to our method is that we focus our search on people who already have a job. They are less likely to be looking for a new job. Resulting in them responding positively, because they really want to!

Plus, because we approach so many people who fit your criteria you’ll be connected to a list of other potential employees of the future – or the now….



Get in touch to find out how you could get a recruiting BOGOF for a bargain price.



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