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“So many dogs, and so much wee on the floor.”

That’s just one reflection from walking around Crufts last week.

How we helped:

“What’s that smell?” was a frequent musing.

“That looks more like a roast chicken than a dog” was also a genuine thought in my mind at one point.

Roast chicken dog

In terms of social media potential however, one standout thought is that dog owners (sorry, doggy parents) REALLY love their dogs! And this means lots and lots of enthusiastic people ready and waiting to engage with us on social channels.

I was booked by a client to spend the first day of Crufts with them to capture the interesting things that happened and document the day on their social platforms. The client is a major, global player in the world of pet food, and as such had a huge stand with lots of visitors and lots of action.

There was plenty of content to capture!

The three main reflections I took away from the experience were:

1. The value of short, intense social media bursts at Crufts.

It’s good for your social pages to have a regular schedule of content to post. It keeps the accounts healthy and your audiences engaged.

However, when there is something special in the calendar, it’s really good to post loads of content.
We normally produce one high quality Facebook post per day for this client, however during Crufts we were posting up to ten items per day, and at no point did we lose any organic reach or engagement. This was mirrored across Twitter and Instagram too, along with countless engagements, retweets, stories, shares, tags and replies.

We increased our Facebook page likes by over 550 in just four days.

Our organic reach on Twitter was more than 20 times the number of followers we have.

As a result we had countless visitors to the stand who mentioned they’d seen our social media posts and decided to come as a result.

The beauty of doing all this on social media is that it was captured and posted on an iPad and a phone. Nothing fancy, just fly-on-the-wall reporting and sharing, filled with enthusiasm and a sense of fun.

These types of intensive bursts really do work. A week earlier we conducted a different four-day B2B campaign for a marketing agency that generated a significant lead in that short time.

2. The value of great client relationships.

Image credit: F Stop Press Ltd

I don’t think this can be overstated as a positive contributing factor to a successful campaign. Part of my role at Status Social is to forge and build great working relationships with our clients.

First and foremost we’re an agency of people who want to make a difference to people’s lives, and that is done through relationships. I had a great time hanging out with the team and I was myself very much a part of the team. This gave me the freedom to access anyone I wanted for an interview, get them to pose for a fun, staged photo, and just generally capture smiles and enjoyment. This kind of content is social media gold.

Smiles and fun are infectious. Always remember that when posting something.

3. Gather content for the future.

Even though Crufts is a once-a-year event, that doesn’t mean you can’t gather content to use all year round. Clearly a lot of the content captured would go out over Crufts, but the beauty of using my ‘social media goggles’ meant that I could create evergreen images and videos that we could post for months to come. Close-ups, little details, human interactions, all these minutiae of moments make for magical content.

Over all it was clear that having an intense burst of activity for a special event significantly improved the performance of our social media accounts and massively increased the brand awareness of the client.

It’s no surprise they sold out of their product by the last day!

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Jamie Cernik didn’t think he was a dog-person, but he’s slowly being persuaded! Jamie looks after our social media management team. 

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