Is LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator Worth The Money?

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Is LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator Worth The Money?

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a powerful paid service that already offers a wealth of features.

It’s designed to help users build better relationships with their customers, and it’s become more powerful.


First, a short disclaimer – we don’t use LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

In fact, we’ve been known to explicitly advise clients to stop using it.

Why? Because we don’t think there’s much you can do with Sales Navigator that you can’t do with a standard LinkedIn account. Sure, it might save you a bit of time. But we’ve always thought of it as a lot of money for very little return.

Yet we’re nothing if not open-minded. We’re happy to be proven wrong on this. And maybe this latest batch of  updates will be just the thing to change our minds.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator Update

LinkedIn Sales Navigator – What’s New?

LinkedIn describe this update as the start of “a new era”. How audacious!

You can read all about the update here.

But here’s some highlights:

– A New Sales Pipeline! They’re calling this “Deals”, and it looks like it might be quite powerful. Ultimately it allows people in the same business to collaborate on opportunities. And when they update their opportunities on Deals, their CRM (Customer Relationship Management software program) is also automatically updated.

– Office 365 Integration! You can get insights and take actions from within Outlook. With detailed LinkedIn profile cards you can view more about your contacts and write more personal emails.

– A New Search Experience! It’s now “faster and easier”. It’s designed to bring key information to the forefront, while collapsible filters can improve visibility.

– Mobile Lead Pages! A dedicated mobile page of all your identified leads in one place, complete with experience and backgrounds. Your sales team out in the field can quickly check if your exciting new lead’s a good fit, and whether they have anything in common, before they decide to take any action.

– A Suggestions Box! There’s now “a direct channel of communication between you and the development team.” So if you’ve any ideas on how to improve the service, presumably they’re listening.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator Update

Is This Enough to Change Our Minds?

We’re really not sure.

While all of these updates look good on paper, we’re still not seeing anything that can’t be achieved with LinkedIn’s standard features.

Take those mobile leads pages, for instance. In theory, it would be brilliant to be able to read up on your leads while on the go. It could make preparing for meetings and networking events a little easier.

But in practice, what’s stopping you from just viewing LinkedIn on your mobile?

And that new sales pipeline might entice us, if we didn’t already have some powerful sales pipeline software.

Should I Start Using LinkedIn Sales Navigator Now?

LinkedIn is a very powerful platform. We helped one client use it to make £30,000 a year. Another of our clients used it to secure a £300,000 deal.

We love LinkedIn. One of our directors loves it so much he wrote this strange ode to it.

But the thing is, all the success we’ve seen with LinkedIn is based on using the standard, unpaid, vanilla service.

So we heartily recommend that you use LinkedIn. We’re just not convinced that you should pay for Sales Navigator. It doesn’t seem to offer anything that can’t be achieved with a good strategy.

How Can I Use LinkedIn to Make Money, Like Your Clients?

Ah, that would be telling.

We can show you how to use LinkedIn to bring genuine leads into your business.

Your LinkedIn training workshop will be tailored specifically to your business. We’ll follow it with three months of support, to help ensure you can put your new skills into practice.

Head here to learn more, and to book a session for your business.

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