£150,000 deal thanks to digging around on LinkedIn

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£150,000 deal thanks to digging around on LinkedIn

A relocation firm says it generated £150,000-worth of sales after being shown how to strategically use social media.

Portixol Relocations got to work with one of the world’s top motor manufacturers after using LinkedIn to reach decision makers.

“When I first joined Portixol, I wanted to reach out to Derby organisations that operated internationally,” explained former managing director Mark Averill. “We know from research that these companies carry a big employee count, along with recruiting people from all over the world. With global recruitment comes people relocating from or to overseas.”

And that’s where Bombardier came in. Like Portixol, the train maker has its UK base in Derby and Mark wondered whether there were any opportunities there. Using the skills learned during his LinkedIn workshop, he contacted a head of HR at Bombardier.

“The funny thing is that I originally wanted to see how our local train maker Bombardier moved employees but it led to something even bigger,” explained Mark. “The head of HR very kindly responded and told me that a global relocation company looked after all their moves and that would be a good place to start.”


Portixol’s Mark Averill being interviewed by Status Social’s Mark Saxby at a business event.

Mark then hunted through LinkedIn for the head of, or supply chain manager, at the global relocation company and found someone who appeared to be the best person to speak to. After sending a personalised message and having an introductory conversation, the Portixol team were invited to their head office in London. They were told that although Bombardier relocations was not on offer, would they be interested in doing the relocations for an international car manufacturer in the West Midlands instead?

More opportunities

Portixol became the preferred relocation specialist for the car maker and the global relocation company, looking after all new recruits coming from overseas.

Portixol director, Carl Bridge, said Mark’s LinkedIn approach led to even more opportunities.

“Since winning this work in the West Midlands, Portixol has worked with the motor manufacturer in other parts of the country,” he said. “This led to talks with internal investment organisations, major banks and relocation programmes across the UK.”

portixol-one-1-768x512Mark says the impact the deal had on Portixol Relocations has been enormous:

“This has meant growth for us here at Portixol, taking on three new recruits in the past few months. It all started with a bit of digging around on LinkedIn, finding the right connection and asking for a short introduction.”

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This article was originally published in May 2016 and brought right up to date in March 2019.

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