LinkedIn Is My Mistress – Please Don’t Tell My Wife

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LinkedIn Is My Mistress – Please Don’t Tell My Wife

I’m in love again. Don’t tell my wife.

It’s not that I’m keeping secrets from my wife. Well, perhaps a few. But then whose wife likes to hear their husband is in love with someone else?

Especially because this time I’m in love with someone who’s not as beautiful as her. Her personality doesn’t compare to the woman I married 18 years ago. And my new love will never be able to bear me three amazing children.

It’s LinkedIn.

Yes, I am in love with LinkedIn.

“LinkedIn!” I hear you cry. “That boring business-to-business social network which is only useful for those job hunting or recruiters? That platform where users just send off random connection requests to people they’ve never met and never will meet? That network which is ultimately just Facebook for business?”

Yes, LinkedIn.

I’m in love with LinkedIn.

I love the way she looks – that I can find interesting people I want to do business with.

I love the way she speaks – the fascinating information I can find out about people’s jobs, businesses and their passions.

I love the way she moves – the smoothness of the newsfeed where I can keep up to date with what’s happening in the region where I work.

I love her openness – the ability to speak to decision makers without being stopped by receptionists or PAs.

I love her power – the influence she has over one of the most important things in the world – Google.

And most of all, I love her generosity – the way she’s given me tens of thousands of pounds worth of business. That’s because I treat her like a lady, rather than a machine.

So, yes, I am in love with LinkedIn. Head-over-heels in love. Fascinated, captivated by her beautiful ways. Nobody can tear us apart.

And do you know something?

I think she loves me too.

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