How to Make £30,000 per Year Using LinkedIn

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How to Make £30,000 per Year Using LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a fabulous tool for business development.

It can get you past gatekeepers to the decision makers. It can help you get found by potential customers on Google. It can increase your brand awareness so that people choose you when the time is right.

But it can also be used as a seek and contact tool. You can use it to warm up prospects before you turn to other methods to bring them to conversion.

That’s Steve Dance’s technique. In just two years he generated business worth £60,000 per year via LinkedIn.

And it all started with some social media training by Status Social!

Make money on LinkedInSteve is the CEO of compliance solutions provider RiskCentric. He’s a busy man with limited time, so he uses name recognition to his advantage. Using the skills taught by us, he first searches LinkedIn to find those he thinks could be potential customers.

“We know the type and approximate size of organisations that can use our products and services,” says Steve. “We use LinkedIn to find relevant job titles in those organisations. Then, if we’re not already connected, I send a connection request.

LinkedIn training success“If the connection request is accepted, we then try to establish a dialogue – initially by telephone as it’s more personal. If I get through to my prospective client during the call, I start by thanking them for accepting my LinkedIn connection request. If I get a warm response to this, I move the conversation on to their information management issues and our services.

“I’ve engaged four or five new clients through this process. But LinkedIn is a marathon, not a sprint, so I’ve got to be patient.”

What’s Your LinkedIn Business Development Strategy?

Steve’s approach has brought him success, but it’s not an approach that would work for every business. In some sectors it’s impossible to get through to your target customer on the telephone. That’s where LinkedIn can be used, to warm them up through a series of messages.

Alternatively, if you regularly update your LinkedIn profile with “the right sort of posts”, you might become irresistible to your target audience.

But for Steve, his technique worked, bringing him £60,000 of business.

There are many ways of using LinkedIn to grow your business.

Do you want to follow in Steve’s footsteps? Then get some LinkedIn training! Or talk to us on 01332 776910 or 0115 824 8242.

This blog was first published in May 2017 and updated in October 2019.

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