Ice Breakers, Unicorns & Instagram Countdowns

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Ice Breakers, Unicorns & Instagram Countdowns

Just how can you use a unicorn to increase your sales on social media?

And how can an Instagram story help promote your event?

We’re constantly researching and testing the latest social media updates and trends and luckily for you, as social media specialists, we’re always on top of the latest developments.

Stories & Bandwagons

facebook message remove

The much-wanted option to ‘un-send’ a Facebook message is currently being rolled out! As long as you do so within ten minutes of when the message was sent, you will be able to remove it. So say goodbye to those HUGE ‘thumbs up’ replies that accidentally get sent, with control to delete them before the recipient sees it!


facebook messenger-whatsapp-instagram merge

If your business is already making the most of Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp & Instagram, you may be pleased to know that there will be even more opportunities to communicate with your customers through these channels. Mark Zuckerberg’s increasing desire to integrate all three of its networks has been officially announced, but this is a huge operation so don’t expect to see this until around the end of this year or even 2020!

Instagram stories countdown stickers

Instagram Stories are having a huge impact, reaching your audience more than ever in their newsfeed. We used the new countdown stickers to create engagement for our recent ‘What’s New’ event. The option to add stickers to an Instagram Story gives users more abilities to engage, inform and interact with your audience.

Instagram bio change Instagram bio changes

It is also worth noticing that Instagram have changed their format for your bio (above left – old look, above right – new look). It is now easier for users to message or email businesses with the introduction of a more obvious ‘message’ button. Is your business equipped to answer queries quickly through Instagram?

And when was the last time you updated your bio? Go check!

Driving engagement on Twitter


Twitter status suggestion

Twitter is rolling out a new feature to encourage more interactions on the platform with ice breakers and conversation starters. This also includes suggestions for a status or what to tweet about. We can’t help but feel these ideas are too little, too late for the network –  many of their suggestions have been a feature on other social channels for quite some time.

Twitter ice breakers


On the other hand, suggestions on tweeting about trends could actually help businesses make an impact on Twitter, by jumping on the bandwagon the moment a topic is trending.

Anyone a Fan of Unicorns?

Pinterest unicorn pin

It’s not very often that you get to ask a room full of people “Anyone a fan of unicorns?“ but when we asked it during our last What’s New in SEO and Social event it was actually relevant. Unicorns are a bit of a trend, so it’s no surprise that a ‘unicorn’ pin is a term for a popular pin which is trendy or seasonal.

Unicorn pinterest board

Above is an example of a unicorn pin – or unicorn pin board to be exact. This restaurant saw Thanksgiving as a great opportunity so created two boards containing sweet and savoury recipes for the American national day.

This is a good way you can help your Pinterest users find specific interests quickly, demonstrating the power of using Pinterest for your business.


Tik Tok app

It can be challenging keeping up with the latest channel and waiting to see if this will be the next big thing or simply a short-lived fad. Snapchat was possibly the last channel that took a while for people to take seriously. Tik Tok is the latest that is already having a big impact, aimed at a younger demographic.

It’s a place for short-form mobile videos, which we can’t help but compare to the deceased and much-loved platform, Vine. The aim is to share your passion and creativity and includes lots of lip-syncing, dancing and re-enacted movie clips!

Not many businesses have embraced Tik Tok yet but overseas, partnerships with brands have shown potential including Oreo and PizzaHut. The fashion brand, Michael Kors, created a ‘Hashtag Challenge’ campaign using ‘#citycatwalk’ on the app, encouraging users to upload catwalk videos. The trending hashtag created both brand exposure and engagement.

Time will tell if TikTok will stick around, but we reckon there are un-tapped advertising and influencer opportunities. We say watch this space…

Expressing your personality on LinkedIn

Linkedin personality post

Are your LinkedIn posts not being seen by as many people as you would like ? That may be due to LinkedIn’s algorithm favouring certain types of content and levels of engagement. Our own tests have shown it’s important to show personality – our recent video celebrating our 8th Birthday helped to generate a lead. Expressing our creativity on LinkedIn sparked a major retailer to say that they wanted to work with us.


What else is new?

Want to find out more about the latest updates? Get in touch with us for a chat or to find out more about our Social Media Training and Social Media Management.

We also run regular What’s New in SEO and Social events with Google search experts, Impression, in Nottingham. You can find out what they spoke about at our last event over on Impression’s blog.

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