WhatsApp For Sales – How A Midlands Luxury Watchmaker Became Social Media Pioneers

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WhatsApp For Sales – How A Midlands Luxury Watchmaker Became Social Media Pioneers

Midlands watchmakers are pioneering a new way to use WhatsApp for sales.

They’ve transformed the messaging app into a communication channel for luxury brands. In this post, we’ll explore how you can do the same for your business.


So you want to buy a luxury watch. But where should you look?

Well, you could always head to the high streets of Geneva, Paris, or London.

Or you could simply get your smartphone out and head for WhatsApp.

Midlands-based MJJ Watches was established in 2012 by Matthew Jones. From day one, the majority of his clients have been professional footballers. MJJ has sold to soccer stars across the world, including those at football clubs in China, such as Guangzhou FC.

Now 10% of its sales come through WhatsApp.

WhatsApp for Sales

WhatsApp For Sales: A Communication Channel for Luxury Brands

MJJ’s communication channel is somewhat different to traditional luxury brands. Customers tend to see luxury goods as an investment, not a consumable. So selling luxury goods usually requires a lot of face-to-face communication. Because of this, purchasing luxury goods can be quite an intimate experience.

MJJ Watches attempted to use WhatsApp to recreate this intimacy. So how did they do it?

WhatsApp for Sales

WhatsApp For Sales: So Personal yet So Formal

When using WhatsApp for customer service, you can see when customers are online. You can also see when they’re typing, and when they’ve read your messages. MJJ says this makes things more intimate, making it easier to build the strong relationships necessary to sell luxury goods.

But WhatsApp alone doesn’t convert clients, so MJJ use it as part of a wider social media strategy.

MJJ regularly post high quality images of their goods on social media platforms including Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. This has resulted in widespread brand awareness. Customers are invited to open up a dialogue, and this dialogue is conducted through WhatsApp.

There are two vital lessons to take from this:

1. You Need to Innovate. Your business must evolve at the same pace as the world you operate in. The luxury goods industry is defined by its traditions. A luxury goods company wouldn’t have even considered sales through electronic mediums 20 years ago. However, through successfully embracing new technologies, MJJ has marked itself as a pioneer.

2. You Need a Social Media Strategy. MJJ realised the importance of understanding what networks work best for them, and developed a strategy tailored to help them meet their goals. Although WhatsApp has proven to be very powerful, it would be nothing without the brand awareness developed on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

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How’s your business performing on social media?

MJJ uses social media to boost brand awareness and drive sales, all while delivering the highest possible standards of customer service.

We can show you how to do the same.

We’ll work with you to develop a bespoke social media strategy. We’ll help you to identify your business goals, tell you which platforms you need to be on, and show you how to use them to achieve your objectives.

Get in touch to find out how we can help you achieve your objectives through social media!



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