Here’s Why You Should Start Using Pinterest For Business [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Here’s Why You Should Start Using Pinterest For Business [INFOGRAPHIC]

Pinterest was launched in 2010 as a place to publish and share photographs.

The platform recently celebrated 200 million users. So isn’t it time you joined the Pinterest party?


Pinterest’s CEO Ben Silbermann describes the platform not as a social network, but as a “catalogue of ideas that inspires users to go out and do that thing.”

In September 2017, Pinterest revealed that more than 200 million people use its services every month.

So what sort of people are using Pinterest?

70% of Pinterest users are women.
66% of women aged 25-54 use Pinterest.
60% of households that use Pinterest have children aged 5 or under.
40% of households that use Pinterest have an income in excess of £70,000.

Furthermore, according to ComScore data, 50% of millennials use Pinterest every month.

The demographic’s changing, too. It’s becoming a lot broader. For instance, the number of men using Pinterest increased more than 50% over the course of a single year.

Pinterest has put together a colourful and engaging infographic crammed full of interesting facts about its 200 million monthly users. Click the image below to see it in full:

Pinterest For Business

Is Your Business On Pinterest?

In a usage study, 61% of surveyed Pinterest users said they’ve discovered new products and brands thanks to promoted pins. 72% said that Pinterest helps them find ideas for everyday life, and 50% said that they’ve made a purchase having seen a promoted pin.

So people on Pinterest are ready to act. They’re actively shopping for ideas and inspiration. And if your products or services are a fit for the demographic, you might expect some impressive results.

From the same infographic we mentioned above, here’s some of the industries that are currently making money on Pinterest:

Pinterest for Business

Pinterest For Business – Need A Strategy?

As one of the UK’s leading social media agencies, we’ve used Pinterest for business for some years now.

We have our own Pinterest account, and we also manage an account for one of our clients. We use it to share high quality images in order to promote our client’s products, present them as experts in their sector, and drive interested traffic to their site.

In the past year, visitors from Pinterest have spent an average of 8 minutes and 12 seconds on our client’s site. Visitors evidently like what they see, so it comes as no surprise that our client has reported a significant rise in online enquiries.

Our client works in the home sector, which according to the image above, is one of the more successful industries on the platform.

Pinterest For Business

If you work in one of the industries highlighted above, and you want to make a splash on Pinterest, why not get in touch?

We’ll show you how to reach a whole new audience of customers on Pinterest.

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