Big Changes for LinkedIn! Don’t Miss out on These New Opportunities!

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Big Changes for LinkedIn! Don’t Miss out on These New Opportunities!

Those pesky social media channels just won’t stop updating themselves, will they?

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This month, LinkedIn has revealed a wealth of exciting new features, and we explore yet another great place to put your Facebook ads.

LinkedIn Reveals the Secrets of its Algorithm

Like all social media platforms, LinkedIn runs on an algorithm. This algorithm determines the posts people see in their timelines.

LinkedIn recently revealed how its algorithm works. Long story short, they have a four step process for content distribution. First, there’s a filter that labels everything as either spam, low quality, or “clear”. Cleared content gets shown to a small sample of users. If they respond positively with likes or comments, then LinkedIn deems the post to be good. Then it’s up to a team of human editors to decide whether the post deserves to be seen by more people.

Here’s how it works, in flowchart form:

LinkedIn Algorithm

So! If you want your LinkedIn posts to stand a good chance of getting seen, all you have to do is write better LinkedIn posts.

Luckily, a host of new features should make it easier than ever to make your LinkedIn posts stand out and strike a chord.

LinkedIn Me

Make Your LinkedIn Posts Stand Out Like Never Before

For a long time, there wasn’t an awful lot you could do with your LinkedIn posts. It’s only very recently that they introduced hashtags to the platform!

But that’s changing fast. You’ve now got quite a few options when it comes to making your LinkedIn posts stand out. New features include:

Video captions for better context and greater accessibility.

The ability to share quotes from articles directly to your LinkedIn feed.

A new “save as draft” function for your posts.

Instant translations of posts written in different languages.

A handy archive of all the content you’ve ever shared on LinkedIn.

Head to LinkedIn’s blog for more information about these new features, and some short guides on how to use them.

LinkedIn Message

Make Your LinkedIn Messages Harder to Ignore

Of course, posts are only a small part of the LinkedIn experience. The real meat is in the connections you make, and the messages you send. Thankfully, LinkedIn seem determined to make this area of their platform stand out, too.

Read LinkedIn’s blog for a full guide to the various new messaging features. Some are simply helpful, like the ability to expand the text box to write longer messages. Others might prove a lot more useful. For example, it’s now possible to @ mention people in your message – perfect for making introductions!

LinkedIn’s messages also offer a lot more emoji support now, so expect the whole platform to be flooded with smiley faces soon. :mrgreen:

Advertise on Facebook Marketplace!

Have you ever used Facebook Marketplace? It’s brilliant. Just search for something – anything at all – and you might find people selling it in your local area.

For example, here’s some £500 quiche I found for sale in Rotherham. It’s over a week old at this point, but at that price, you know it’s going to taste good:

Quiche For Sale

But Facebook Marketplace isn’t just a place to buy quiche. It’s now possible for businesses to place ads there.

To clarify – businesses aren’t using Marketplace to sell their products. It’s simply another place to display the same ads you’d display in Facebook’s news feed. The only difference is that they’ll get seen by users with buyer’s intent.

People who browse the Facebook news feed might do so for any number of reasons. But anyone who browses the Marketplace is looking to buy. These are the sort of people you want to see your ads!

Social Media Examiner has put together a great guide to advertising on Facebook Marketplace. They include a few tips on how to do it right (think locally!), and they have some great ideas about the sort of businesses that could find success with this technique.

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