How to Get Your Posts Seen On LinkedIn and More…

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How to Get Your Posts Seen On LinkedIn and More…

Support for small businesses, changes to LinkedIn’s algorithm, and a simple new button on Facebook that’ll save you time.

In our latest monthly update, we’ll cover all that is new on social media and how it will affect you.

This could drastically change how many people see your LinkedIn posts! 

LinkedIn is updating its algorithm to include ‘Dwell Time’! 

How will this subtle change affect your posts?

For LinkedIn to class your post as a success, it needed clicks, comments and reactions on it. It didn’t matter if the click was done by mistake either. A ‘see more’ click held the same value as a video play/pause, an image view or a link click.

Now with ‘Dwell Time’ added into the mix, it’ll mean LinkedIn can promote posts that receive more view time as opposed to just random clicks.  

This makes it more important than ever to post the right content that encourages engagements and not just a boring announcement that your connections will simply scroll past (even if they quickly skim read it).

You need to catch their eye and get them to pause over your post.

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Shop Local, Shop Small, with a little help from Instagram!

Know of a friend that has set up a small creative business? Maybe you operate one yourself? 

Now Instagram is attempting to help boost the reach of small businesses on their platform. 

Their new ‘Support Small Business’ story stickers allow users to highlight their favourite businesses’ profiles in personal stories.

The stickers can appear as either a simple name tag or as below, showcasing the last three pictures a business has posted. 

Small Business Sticker on Instagram Stories

Operate a small business and want to get in on the action?

Firstly, you’ll need to make sure you’ve set up your Instagram account as a business. (This will also allow you to access analytics and advertise from your account).

And secondly, you’ll want to encourage your existing loyal fan base to add your business through their stories. Word of mouth is a wonderful thing.

Another great use for this would be to shout out partner businesses (with the hope they reciprocate, of course), cementing your business relationship and boosting the reach of both companies.

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Facebook takes on Etsy and Amazon

Facebook has finally announced the ability to buy and sell directly through new features within its Shop. This will integrate with both Facebook and Instagram initially, with it being worked into WhatsApp and Messenger in the future.

The no-fee model of listing products is in the first stages of rollout but Facebook has said it is prioritising it.

Additional shop features coming at a future date include:

– The ability to tag shoppable products in a Facebook Live broadcast, allowing viewers to purchase while they watch.

– A tool that will enable some form of loyalty programme for returning customers.

– A redesign of the Instagram feed in late 2020 that will make the new shop feature more prominent.

Instagram Shop Checkout Previews

How can you get in on the action? 

If you sell physical products and are looking to make it easier for your audience to buy online, watch this space! The ability for users to checkout directly through Facebook is initially rolling out in the US, however, if a success we expect it to transition across the pond soon.

Facebook stories could soon last a full 3 days! 

Reverse engineer Jane Manchun Wong is back at it when it comes to uncovering things that Facebook is testing.

One of her recent discoveries is a longer expiry time for Facebook Stories.

How can you take advantage? 

Be careful when sharing day-specific content and take advantage of the increased exposure by crafting better quality, engaging stories.

Facebook’s new ‘Invite All’ button

One of our team using the beta version of Facebook for Android has also come across a time-saving feature we’re really excited about – An ‘Invite All’ button for those who engage with your page’s content, but are yet to like your page. 

Invite all who engaged with your page's post Facebook

How will this button help you grow your business?

If you weren’t already aware, this somewhat hidden feature is an excellent way of building your page’s followers. The theory goes, if they like one of your posts, chances are they’ll engage again if given an opportunity. Inviting all 300 people who engaged with your post was no quick task, but that is set to change.

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Live streaming on Twitter? 

Twitter has improved its live streaming options. Now you’re able to invite your followers to join your live stream in advance. 

How will this help? 

Now your audience will come prepared, pen and note pad in hand, when you go live to share all your knowledge and wisdom – well at least that’s the dream. It should prevent the current peaks and drop off at the beginning of your live broadcast as your audience tune in out of mere curiosity. Now they’ll tune in knowing full well what to expect. 

Twitter Live

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Tik Tok’s Music Rule Change

Don’t be caught out! 

Up until now, you’ve been able to add whatever song you want to your TikTok videos, without costs or constraints. Tiktoks partnerships with music publishers have provided cover for individuals and businesses alike to take advantage of the latest and greatest tunes likely stemming back to the days of 

Now however the rules have changed and business accounts are being referred to a new royalty-free collection of music when creating TikTok videos. According to TikTok, the new Commercial Music Library will give businesses access to a wide collection of high quality, free-to-use music.    

The change isn’t surprising, but it’s safe to say the glory days of anything goes music memes are over.

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Want to find out how you can best bring these new features into your social media strategy? Or, even why a strategy for social media is so important, click here.


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