Could Your Twitter Handle Be At Risk?

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Could Your Twitter Handle Be At Risk?

Twitter’s deleting accounts, Facebook has new ways to analyse posts and LinkedIn quietly released a brilliant way to grow your company accounts.

Recent changes on social media platforms could transform your marketing efforts. Continue reading to discover all that’s been announced.


Could your Twitter handle be at risk?

Twitter has announced it will be deleting Twitter accounts that haven’t been active in the past six months!

What does this mean for you and your business?

The most obvious risk is that if you’ve not been active, you’ll lose your account, your handle, and all the followers that you’ve built. Something else you might also experience is a loss of followers as accounts are terminated.

But, it’s not all negative. We may be about to see the biggest shake-up of Twitter handles in Twitter’s history. With so many accounts being deleted, we expect their handles to become available for the taking. So stay vigilant, your dream Twitter handle might now be within reach.

Follow Twitter Topics

Follow specific topics on Twitter

Previously you’ve been able to follow individual accounts and hashtags, but now Twitter is making it possible to follow broader topics.

So far, the topic options are limited to only a handful of keywords, such as Dogs, Premier League Football and Artificial Intelligence. However, Twitter will be adding new topics regularly so look out for this being a big feature in 2020.

How could this be useful?

For all the social listeners out there, you’ll now be able to keep an eye on your industry without leaving Twitter. Finding people interested in your area of expertise could become a lot easier.  You never know, you might find people openly seeking your exact offering.


Native Twitter Scheduling is on the way

Twitter has also announced it’s bringing a much-loved feature from Tweetdeck into Twitter itself.

So, you’ll now be able to schedule your tweets directly from Twitter.

Why could this change everything?

Firstly, you won’t need to pay for, or subscribe to, a third party scheduling platform (Goodbye Buffer and Hootsuite), saving you valuable cash.

But, potentially more interesting, is the broader impact it will have on Twitter. If scheduled content continues to take over the platform, you could see a decrease in engagement as people spend less time on the platform throughout the day.

At Status Social, we believe in the importance of both pre-scheduled, evergreen content and in-the-moment tweets. In fact, we aim for at least 10% of our daily tweets to be published ad-hoc.

Only time will tell how much of an impact the new scheduling feature will have on the platform, but we’ll be sure to update you if we discover any changes.


LinkedIn invites you to…

In recent months, LinkedIn has been experimenting with a few features that’ll help to encourage engagement and increase your following.  Firstly, page admins can invite their connections to like their company pages. And secondly, you can now invite your team members to engage with your posts.

How will this help your LinkedIn Pages?

The moments after you post on LinkedIn are key to the post’s success. Getting engagement from your biggest advocates early on can help kickstart the post’s engagement.

LinkedIn Page Invite

Easier to understand insights via Facebook’s Creator Studio

Facebook is continuing to give us more ways to analyse our Facebook pages and Instagram account content.

Through the Facebook Creator Studio, you’ll now be able to see how your content is distributed across the platforms. You’ll also get data about the people who viewed your content, and the number of times they do so, in a new visual graphic.

Back when the Facebook Creator Studio was first released, we dug into it in more detail. So, check that out to find out why it exists and what more it can do for you.

Why is this important?

Data is vital in the world of social media. Without it, you’ll not be able to truly understand how your content is working and what you need to do next to get better results. The easier the data is to access and understand, the more time you’ll have to get creative with your content.


Instagram Publishing via the Creator Studio

Instagram is also benefiting from the Creator Studio. Scheduling Instagram posts and stories is a feature still in its infancy but, you’ll now also be able to tag Instagram accounts and turn off comments on your Instagram posts.

How is this helpful?

Getting your head around creator studio will improve your efforts on both Facebook and Instagram. It’s quickly becoming the go-to, unified place for content sharing and analytics.


Invisible Instagram Likes

No doubt by now you’ll have heard about Instagram’s disappearing likes. Well, now the photo-sharing, social app has decided the initial rollout was a success and has begun rolling it out globally.

What do invisible likes mean for you?

It may be a little too early to judge but we’ve already heard several influencers have started seeing a reduction in engagement on their posts.

If you’re using influencers to expand your brand’s reach, it’s now more important than ever to thoroughly do your research into the true effect of those you’re investing in. If you’re working as an influencer, comments on your posts and authentic engagement just got a lot more important!


Links are coming to TikTok

Found on your TikTok profile beneath your description, you’ll soon be able to add a link.

What does this mean for those of you targeting people in their teens and early twenties on TikTok?

That’s simple; you’ll now be able to bring your young following to the next step of your sales journey, enabling them to take a deeper look into who you are as a company and what you have to offer them. Ultimately, if used strategically this should result in a higher number of website views and conversions.


In other TikTok News

The video-centric platform has opened its borders to third party scheduling / video creator platforms.

How will this help you reach your young audience?

You’ll now be able to use third-party tools to post onto TikTok. Not only will this allow you to be even more creative with your content, making it easier to stand out in the crowd, but we also expect these platforms to enable post scheduling, saving you time in the process.


Have you noticed any of the changes and new features while working on the platforms recently?

Which of the new features are you most excited about?

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