How To Get More Likes On Facebook

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How To Get More Likes On Facebook

If you don’t ask, you (probably) won’t get…

So, you’re already a social media pro. You’re posting great content with high levels of engagement. You’re reaching new audiences and putting your ideas out there.

You know that to achieve success on social media means posting creative, engaging content, and you know you’re doing that well.

So, what now? When you’re already doing your best, what more can you do to take things to the next level?

Well, seek and you will find…

A Quick, Easy and Highly-Effective Trick to Get More Likes on Facebook

As you’re a social media pro, I don’t have to remind you that increasing page likes shouldn’t be your primary goal when using Facebook. However, if you want to find success on social media, a strong following of people interested in your posts certainly won’t hurt.

The more followers you get, the larger your potential audience, and the more likely people will engage with your content.

Let’s jump straight in. The quick pro tip that’s likely missing from your social media strategy is probably the simplest:

Invite people to like your page!

Okay, now you’re wondering why I used the word ‘Pro’ to describe that tip. Well, I don’t mean simply going down your friends lists inviting as many Joe Bloggs type people as you can find.

No: Facebook has a great feature that lets you review the people who like your content and target them specifically, inviting them to like your page. And if a person connects with one post, they’ll probably find other content you publish of interest too.

How to get more Facebook Likes

Get More Likes on Facebook by Asking for More Likes – How it Works

Last week a friend asked me to help manage his business’ Facebook page.

The page already had over 900 likes and he regularly posts creative and engaging content. He told me the page typically gets 3-5 new page likes each week. He was already doing well, but I knew he could do better.

First, I looked through his content from the past week. I reviewed each post’s likes and invited anyone who didn’t already like his page to do so.

In this way I was able to target 30 people. A few days later we reviewed the page’s progress and found that 23 people had accepted those invitations.

So with less than 10 minutes’ work we’d significantly boosted the page’s likes. If you get into the habit of doing this once a week, it’s easy to see how your page’s popularity might eventually soar!

So if you want to get more likes on Facebook, just remind your audience that the “Like” button exists.

Often all it takes is that little nudge to get them on board!

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