4 Reasons Why Instagram is the Best Social Media Network

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4 Reasons Why Instagram is the Best Social Media Network

Why are you using social media?

If you’re looking for a platform to express yourself, be sociable, find interesting content or promote your business then you are going to love Instagram!

Instagram is the best social networkInstagram is the best social network

1. It’s an Inspirational Dream Board of Images and Videos

Instagram uses analytics to build a personalised selection of content based on what you have previously liked, so you can discover more of the things you love.

To like a post simply double tap and a heart will appear on the centre of the screen. On the notifications page you can discover what the people you are following like too.

Instagram is the best social network

2. You Can Really Make It Your Own

Search for people, places, hobbies, puppies and more. Pretty much anything you have an interest in there is an account for it.

Are you a fan of handsome men and Middle Eastern chickpea dishes?

Hot Dudes and Hummus is an actual page with 39,600 followers.

What a time to be alive.

Plus, securing your privacy settings means you can accept or ignore anyone requesting to follow you.

Instagram is the best social network Instagram is the best social network

3. You Get a Real Insight into the Topics That Interest You Most

Get a glimpse of Usain Bolt training for the Olympics. See behind the scenes of fashion shoots. Get exclusive sneak peeks of album covers or book launches, or incredible inspiration for your next meal. Plus, the layout makes it so easy to absorb and interact with that you can end up losing hours of your life at a time!

4. You Can Share Your Interests (or Products) With The Wider World

Instagram has over 500 million monthly users. However, your content needs to be visually engaging to gain momentum.

That’s why Instagram works so well for brands and businesses. Whether you’re a small start-up promoting handmade gifts, or an international tourist destination sharing breathtaking photos, with a good strategy anyone can make good use of Instagram.

However, don’t be fooled. Be aware of Instasham!

Some people who have been drawn into the Instagram bubble. They cannot resist the urge to re-arrange their white desk space, chai latte and tree-free paper notebook for hours to capture the perfect shot.

And don’t measure your worth in life through the number of likes you get on your photos!

If you can resist the temptation and carry on living in reality, you will adore the benefits of Instagram for personal and professional use.

Instagram is the best social network

Who packs like that?

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Grace Golden, 25, is a social media manager at Status Social. This Christmas she will be indulging in champagne and polish doughnuts for breakfast.

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