Is LinkedIn Dead? The Latest Figures Suggest Not!

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Is LinkedIn Dead? The Latest Figures Suggest Not!

You are engaging more on LinkedIn than ever before, according to new figures.

In this month’s social media round up, we also look at how Twitter is changing the way your audience will first see you. Are you ready for the increased exposure?



LinkedIn figures suggest engagement on the platform is set to rise even higher!

According to the latest figures released by the owner of the professional social network, Microsoft,

“LinkedIn revenue increased by 25% ($371 million) with record levels of engagement, highlighted by LinkedIn sessions growth of 22%”

But what does this mean to you?

LinkedIn Growth

When translating the official statement, we naturally hone in on the reference to LinkedIn’s engagement levels. If crafted correctly, your posts should be receiving more engagement than ever before!

Interestingly this is Microsoft’s third time in a row reporting ‘record levels of engagement’ for LinkedIn.

LinkedIn has recently brought in ‘Facebook-esque‘ style reactions on posts giving your audience more ways to express their opinions on whatever you’re posting. Are you taking advantage of this in your posts?

This, combined with the recent improvement to LinkedIn’s algorithm, has seen good posts rewarded on the news feed – we’re regularly finding our posts reaching 4000+ people and engaging many more users than before.

If you need help working out how to get the best out of the platform


Have you received a new follower on Twitter recently?

Then you may have noticed they’re being displayed to you in a new format.

A subtle change, maybe? But a significant one if you use the follow-follow back method to increase the size of your following audience.

Twitter Follower Bio

Originally when you followed someone, they’d have just been shown your name.

Now, they’ll view a small summary of your entire profile:

  • A larger version of your profile picture
  • An indication of your shared followers
  • AND, most importantly, your profile bio!

No longer will people need to click through to your profile if they’re unsure of who you are.

This could be seen as both a pro and a con.  But, the question you need to be asking is, when was the last time you reviewed your Twitter bio?

And does it say enough about you or your business to inspire a follow back?

Facebook’s business tools get a much-needed redesign!

Not wanting to get left behind, Facebook has been making some ‘upgrades’ to its user-interface.

But not in the place you might first think.

While Facebook’s newsfeed and profile have received a lot of attention recently, something that hasn’t is its back-end services.

Well, that’s about to change.

Facebook has begun rolling out a significant new design for its Business Manager platform – the single place businesses can manage their Facebook and Instagram ad accounts, pages, people and much more.


Facebook Tools Update


On its own, a simple redesign wouldn’t be enough to make it into this roundup, but when taking a closer look at this one, we noticed some interesting changes.

Facebook appears to be using the redesign to emphasise some of the Business Manager’s lesser-known features.

Two features, in particular, seem to have been shown a little more light.

  • Its Event Manager (Pixel tracking) – the power behind the Facebook ads platform is its Pixel, and Facebook wants more people to be taking advantage of it.
  • Its Asset Library, (images and videos) – an increasing effort for a wise use of creative content to be used within your posts and adverts.

If you want to gain a better understanding of how you can use Facebook’s Business Manager and Facebook advertising to achieve your company’s objectives, take a look at our social media advertising page.

Pinterest has invested heavily in improving its video offering!

Pinterest said it has seen a 31% jump in searches for inspirational videos in the past year, while its users are 54% more likely to say they were inspired to action by videos on Pinterest than on other social media platforms. ​

And now Pinterest has taken action to make uploading videos on to the platform a more friendly experience.

  • Pin creators and brands short on time can now use Pinterest’s Pin Scheduler to also set up video posts in advance.
  • Pinterest business profiles now include a new videos tab that lets marketers feature all of their video content in one place.
  • And finally, they’ve released new analytics tools to give businesses data on lifetime views and insights into their video performance.

So, if you’re attempting to engage with your audience on Pinterest, have you tried using video?

The social media climate is always changing. We’ll be back with another social media roundup in a month’s time – if you want to get our next update sent to your inbox then sign up below.

Or if you want to chat about any of the issues in this article, or any other social media feature, then get in touch.

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