Are You a Top Fan? How to Utilise Facebook Badges!

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Are You a Top Fan? How to Utilise Facebook Badges!

Scheduling on Instagram, stories on Pinterest and disappearing Facebook likes.

Here’s everything new in the world of social media this month.

Native Instagram Scheduling (Via Facebook Creative Studio)

As time goes on, Instagram is slowly warming up to the fact that businesses are taking advantage of its platform. It hasn’t been long since it opened up its doors to third-party scheduling tools, allowing you to schedule posts in advance. Now it’s playing catch up and building a scheduling tool within its own offering (sort of).

It is now possible to schedule your Instagram posts, although the facility is hidden away within Facebook’s creator studio.

So, if you weren’t already, you can now plan your Instagram feed ahead of time, saving you time and the anxiety of being available at optimum posting times.

Story Pins Have Arrived On Pinterest!

But, not one to conform to the typical social media conventions, Pinterest has introduced the feature with a twist.

As it does on most social media platforms that have embraced ‘stories’, the feature appears at the top of a user’s profile. However, unlike the norm, Story pins aren’t confined to a 24-hour existence. Instead, they function more like a brochure booklet for your content. Pinterest is still testing the feature with a limited number of its users, so while you wait for it to become available, why not read about Why You Should Use Pinterest as Part of Your Social Media Strategy.

pinterest story

Changes Are Coming to Facebook Pages to Increase Engagement.

‘Status badges’ have popped up on Facebook pages!

Following the badges which were first seen in groups late last year, these include badges for Top Fans, Milestone Followers and Anniversary Followers.

It’s unclear as to exactly how Facebook chooses who your top fans are. However, we can bet there is a technical ranking system based on the amount of activity an individual does on you each of your page’s posts. (A ‘like’ = 1 point, a ‘comment’ = 3 points etc.)


Facebook Badges

The big question here is why? What use is there knowing who your top fans are? Well, we can think of a few.

For a starter, how about running a competition whereby you provide discounts or giveaways to top fans — essentially incentivising engagements on your posts, and as a result increasing your overall organic reach.


‘Likes’ could be disappearing from Facebook.

Yes, you read that correctly. Facebook may soon hide total like counts, mimicking Instagram’s initial tests in an attempt to better the wellbeing of its users.

So, what does this mean for you and your company’s posts? Currently, not a lot, however, they’re only testing the feature and it’s not clear if or when it’ll be rolled out across the platform.

However, if you’re used to relying on your brand’s popularity, you may have to reconsider your content strategies. No longer will simply being popular be enough to generate engagement.

To find out more about how to generate engagement on a post, the right way, read our blog on the three main reasons people go on social media 

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Facebook Removing Likes


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