Facebook Creator Studio – Make The Most of Your Videos

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Facebook Creator Studio – Make The Most of Your Videos

What sort of content works best on Facebook?

Videos! Thanks to Facebook Creator Studio, it’s now easier than ever to make your videos work for you.


On Facebook, videos seem to outperform almost every other type of post in terms of both reach and engagement.

A recent study found that people engage 5 x more with video content than static content. It seems that most people find videos more valuable, engaging and entertaining than text, images and gifs.

So it should come as no surprise that Facebook is making it as easy as possible for businesses to make the most of their videos.

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Introducing Facebook Creator Studio

Facebook Creator Studio has been around for a while now. It’s a platform for publishing content, organising posts and responding to engagements, all in one place.

In August 2018, Facebook Watch went global. This is Facebook’s on-demand video service. To accompany its global launch, Facebook introduced some powerful new features for the Creator Studio.

It’s all about management, measurement, and ad revenue.

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What Can You Do With Facebook Creator Studio?

So, so much. There’s so much potential that we expect we’ll still be finding new things to get excited about months down the line.

But here’s a few things for starters:

You can add intros and outros to your live broadcasts with Live Creative Kit.

There’s a unified inbox for Instagram and Facebook, so you can view and respond to all engagements in one place.

Streamlined video publishing – you can create playlists, publish content across all of your own Pages, and even bulk upload content to multiple Pages.

Powerful reporting and analytics tools – it’s never been easier to see just how well your videos are performing. There’s even information like fan demographics, which might influence the sort of videos you make.

Access to the Sound Collection – so you can add studio-quality music and sound effects to your videos.

Most of these features have been available in some form for some time now. But now that they’re all in one place, it’s much easier, and much less fiddly, to make the most of them.

One thing that’s brand new, though? Loyalty insights!

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What Sort of Videos Do People Really Want to See?

With the new loyalty insights, you can nurture a loyal audience of repeat-viewers and regular visitors. You’ll be able to see when you’re getting new followers, whether viewers are returning, and how long people are watching your videos for.

This audience retention metric is brand new, and apparently people have been requesting it for a while now. It’s easy to imagine how it might prove useful. If you know what sort of videos keep your viewers coming back, then you’ll know what sort of content to focus on!

Another brand new feature is Facebook Ad Breaks. If you sign up to this service, Facebook will display adverts at the start of, or in the middle of, your videos. This will give you an extra source of revenue from your Page.

Not all Pages are eligible though. You need at least 10,000 Facebook followers. And you need to have generated more than 30,000 1-minute video views in total over the past two months.

So… something to aim for?

What Do You Mean You’re Not Making Videos For Facebook?

All signs indicate that videos perform better than any other type of content on Facebook.

And now Facebook has made it easier than ever to make your videos work for you.

So if video isn’t currently part of your content strategy, maybe it should be?

Get in touch if you’d like to chat about how to include video as part of a comprehensive social media strategy.

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