Could Facebook Be About to Remove Your Page Likes?

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Could Facebook Be About to Remove Your Page Likes?

Snapchat launches a business platform to rival the Facebook page.

And WhatsApp is making it easier for your customers to get in touch.

Discover the latest news from the social media platforms and how it could affect your online presence. 

Facebook is removing page likes.

Instead, Facebook is opting just to continue the ‘Followers’ count.  The update has been seen alongside a new page layout for mobile that hints at the end of the page likes button.

Facebook Page Likes

Image Source – Facebook/ TechCrunch


As seen from the screenshots, it will help from an aesthetic and user perspective by removing the need for two separate buttons, at least on mobile devices to begin with. But as a more indirect consequence, it will also improve the confusion around page likes and follower counts on the platform.

The change will stop people liking your page, then unfollowing you so they don’t see any of your posts in their newsfeed, making them pretty worthless fans to you.

What does this mean for your existing page likes? 

It’s likely the two figures will be combined via an algorithm to determine a more accurate figure. So expect a sudden change in the coming weeks or months.

Long term, as we’ve been commenting on for some time, you should be focusing on your page’s engagement rather than on vanity page likes as the total ‘follow/ like’ count becomes less and less significant.

To find out how to turn your existing audience into repeat engagers (and increase your page’s follower count), read about Facebook’s magic invite button.

Facebook is rolling out more image layouts possibilities

A new way to display images on your posts is coming, and it could affect how your audience reacts to your posts.

Adding an image or video to a post has for a long time helped to increase its engagement. We’ve even seen that adding multiple images helps generate more post clicks and therefore triggers the Facebook algorithm into showing your post to more people. So, any new opportunities from Facebook for us to encourage post clicks and engagement are a good thing.

Facebook Layout

How do you use the new layouts? 

For now, these changes are only available to some personal profiles, but we’d expect the increased visual options to be rolled out to pages soon, so keep an eye out next time you’re uploading a post.

With the new feature, as you add multiple images to your post, you’ll be able to select the collage style placement which is particularly useful if you’re sharing 4-5 images in a single post. It’s worth testing their success against a standard multi-photo upload though – sometimes Facebook’s new features look pretty but perform worse on the algorithm.


Snapchat has created a business hub for all your Snap activity

Not wanting to be left behind by Facebook and Instagram, Snapchat has made a push to encourage businesses onto its platform. It has created ‘Brand Profiles’ (think Facebook page equivalent) for all your business assets. You’ll be able to access all your recent snaps, stories and store experience as well as branded AR lenses and analytics.

When can you get access? 

As with most feature launches, it will have a slow rollout but, if your business could benefit from reaching the younger audience on Snapchat, this is definitely something to look forward to later this year. 

Snapchat Business Hub

Image Source – Snap Inc.

Instagram Launches Reels in the UK 

Not wanting to miss out on the TikTok/Snapchat generation, Instagram has released its Reels functions in the UK, a short form, video/music mashup tool that allows you to dub music on top of your creative video content. We wrote about the new ‘Reels’ feature when it was first rumoured

How should you use this feature? 

Our advice: reach into your creative side and explore how the mashup of music and video can help you reach the next generation of your Instagram-ers!

Instagram Reels

Pinned comments on Instagram

Ever wish the best Instagram comments on your posts could inspire other engagements? Now Instagram is allowing up to three comments to be pinned to the top of a post’s stream. An excellent opportunity to highlight positive feedback and reviews from your audience. 

If you want to find out how to get the most from your Instagram account, take a look at this.


WhatsApp QR codes for business – the modern-day business card continues to innovate itself

And finally, WhatsApp is using QR codes to help you share your contact details. If someone wants to get in touch with you, you’ll now be able to give them a QR code which they can scan to start the conversation in WhatsApp. Another great use for this would be to display it in a shop window or print it on the packaging of your product. This can of course also be shared digitally for extra convenience. 

WhatsApp is increasingly becoming a key tool for communication between businesses and consumers. So, whether it be the sharing of a new product launch or answering your customer queries, it’s certainly worth a consideration. 

If you want to find out more about how you can best use WhatsApp for your business, this blog is worth a read.

So, that’s all the news from the social media giants. Is there a feature you’re looking forward to trying out? Let us know in the comments. 



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