Should You Use WhatsApp Business In Your Social Media Strategy?

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Should You Use WhatsApp Business In Your Social Media Strategy?

Is it time your business took WhatsApp more seriously?

With WhatsApp Business gathering momentum, we thought it was time for us to explore its genuine opportunities.

So what have we found? Well, if you’re thinking about taking your business to the next level, WhatsApp Business could be great when it comes to keeping in touch with your customer base.

So, what’s the app all about, and what does it do?

The app has been designed for businesses to interact with customers easily by:

– automating responses

– sorting customers into groups

– giving customers quick response messages.


WhatsApp Business Quick Reply

It’s also a place where you can share updates with your customers, through an Instagram stories-like feature.

If you’re used to receiving common questions from customers via email or other social channels, the quick replies option is sure to cut down response times. This feature lets you tailor your responses and save them, so you can respond to frequently asked questions with haste!

WhatsApp Business Message

We’re all used to automated responses from  Facebook business pages, so it’s no surprise they’ve been included with WhatsApp Business. With WhatsApp Business, you can customise unavailable messages, including days, times and even recipients.

It’s easy to lose track of a WhatsApp conversation and that’s where the “labels” feature comes in handy. It allows you to label conversations with a title and colour, which helps to differentiate between each chat. This means you’ll be able to pick up your chat where you last left it with ease.

With the “WhatsApp Status” feature you can keep your customers up to date with your daily antics and, if used correctly, it could be a way to showcase services and products.

How can you use WhatsApp Business in your social media strategy?

With its great organisational features, WhatsApp Business can be a fantastic asset to any social media strategy. Not only is WhatsApp Business the perfect tool to keep in touch with customers, but it’s also a good way to notify your contacts about new products, highlight exclusive offers, send news alerts and even get product feedback from them.

Customers aren’t the only people to target with this app. You could also use it to message employees internally. You might want to create brainstorming groups, send out company updates, organise meetings and create chats for different departments.

WhatsApp Business Labels

What new features can we expect to see in the future?

While there are so many ways you can use WhatsApp Business to enhance your organisation, there are also a few things it’s missing.

Currently, the app doesn’t support payment options so if you’re wanting customers to pay for a product or service you’re going to have to do it via traditional means. But don’t worry! This feature is currently being tested in India, with the intention of it being rolled out to the rest of the world this year.

The app also offers no in-depth insights or reports and only allows you to track low-level data like the total of messages sent and received.

On another note, to set up a WhatsApp Business account you’re going to need to use a separate phone number. So if you’re already using your phone number under a personal WhatsApp account, you’re going to have to use a phone number that’s not connected to an account. But don’t worry you can use a landline number to set up WhatsApp Business.

Despite the app still missing a few features, WhatsApp Business is an exciting platform that could really take a business’ social media strategy to the next level. With the app now available for many more users, we’re certainly excited to see this app reach its full potential.

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