Status Social Recognised for Having Amazing Workplace Culture

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Status Social Recognised for Having Amazing Workplace Culture

Status Social has been named one of the best small businesses to work for in the UK!

We were runners up in the National Workplace Culture Awards, beating more than one hundred other organisations

We reached the final of the awards after being nominated by a member of the public who loved the way Status Social is run according to its values.

Status Social received more than 400 votes from clients, partners, suppliers and supporters who had witnessed the workplace culture in action.

Overwhelmed By Votes

Director Mark Saxby said he was humbled that so many people had voted for them in the Perkbox-sponsored Awards.

“We have worked with more than 3000 people and have great relationships within the Derby business community, so, using our social media skills, we invited a lot of people to vote!

“But to have nearly 440 people take the time and effort to do so has blown us away!”

Representatives from national businesses Boots, Centrica, Wilko and Experian have visited Status Social in the last few months to find out more about the way the company brings its values into everything it does.

“Dedication to their values has built an environment where employees are able to be open and honest with how they feel and get support on personal issues.”

Workplace Culture Awards judges

The Impact of The Awards

Fellow Director, Kerry Saxby, said the Perkbox Workplace Culture Awards have already had a positive effect on the business.

“We’ve had a couple of people ask if they can work for us after seeing Status Social in the final, and a London digital agency wants to refer social media work to us.”

India Ward - Workplace Culture Awards India Ward, who works as an Administrator at Status Social, said the workplace culture is different to every other place she’s worked.

“My job is not just a way of paying the bills. It’s the place where I’m given opportunities to expand my skills and develop my knowledge.

“I’m free to experiment with ideas and new ways of working in any way that will contribute to the business positively and it’s where I come to have fun!”

Lee Reavill - Workplace Culture Awards And Social Media Manager, Lee Reavill said the culture at Status Social made working with clients so much more enjoyable:











“Building a relationship with them is so important. We want them to feel like an extended part of the team. This makes communicating with clients so much easier, knowing what we all expect from each other.”

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