Social Media Jobs in Derby and Nottingham at Status Social

Social Media Jobs in Derby and Nottingham at Status Social

We are always looking for amazing talent to join our multi-award winning team at Status Social. Below are our current vacancies and information about what’s important when recruiting employees.


Social Media Managers (multiple roles) (closing date: end of Tuesday 22 September 2020)

Can you win people over through building relationships with them on social media?

Status Social is a ‘people agency’ cunningly disguised as a social media agency. We recognise the best way to win people over on social media is by understanding them first.

Our new social media manager will be a people person first. We’re not looking for someone who is an expert in social media – we can teach you that part – but you’ll have to be digitally-minded and comfortable using technology.

You’ll also have to demonstrate you have the drive to be successful.

You’ll enjoy measuring your results too – after all, how will you know whether you’re winning people over if you’re not keeping track of your actions? You’ll want to know what’s working and what isn’t.

We are a values-led agency (see more below) and we don’t compromise on them. The three most important values we hold are honesty, being ethical and providing excellence – you’ll need to share these values to be a successful member of the Status Social team.

We are open to applicants interested in part-time or full-time work. We would also consider a role which includes social media management plus other responsibilities. Other skills which could be beneficial include:

Business development

Process development

Blog writing


Search Engine Optimisation and Digital PR

Graphic design

Main responsibilities:

To manage social media campaigns (primarily on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram) for Status Social and its clients. This will include writing engaging content, developing leads, social media customer service, conducting research using social media, meeting clients, recording your actions, analysing campaigns and writing reports.

You will be based in our wonderful creative offices in the heart of Derby’s Cathedral Quarter (COVID-19 willing…) although a small amount of homeworking will be considered.

You must:

Be a creative writer who loves winning others over through your words.

Possess strong attention to detail, particularly in spelling and grammar.

Be organised and able to manage your own time and workload effectively.

Be able to multitask, respond well to change and work in a sometimes unpredictable environment.

Be able to build relationships with our clients, being confident on the telephone and in person.

Be prepared to work at a level of excellence at all times.

Be comfortable with Word, Excel, Google and the digital world.

You definitely, definitely, definitely will:

Hold firm to the Status Social values of being ethical, honest, accurate, creative, plain speaking, team-working and having fun; and embrace excellence and open feedback.

These values are the backbone of our business. We will talk to you about them during our interview process again and again and again.

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Our mission:

To positively impact the lives of everyone we come into contact with. Our mission  expresses itself in three ways:

1) Giving to our clients, potential clients and other business contacts

In an industry full of people and organisations offering poor-quality social media services, we are determined to provide excellence. All our campaigns are strictly measured according to our clients’ business objectives – that’s how we know we have generated millions of pounds in sales through social media.

2) Giving to our team

We don’t see Status Social as just a place to work, but as an environment which will shape our employees now and for the future. We are a values-led business and we expect everyone to be challenged by the values and to develop through working in line with them. Through this, we have developed team members who are not only confident in what they do but who trust each other and are able to work open and honestly together. We also allow team members to start work an hour later if they take part in exercise during that time, and none of our staff are allowed to work on their birthday.

3) Giving to the wider community

We want to make a difference to society. We do this through the founding of the Positive Social charity, and through giving away up to 20% of our profits to good causes. We’ve also won the Derby Telegraph Business Awards Contribution to the Community category.

Status Social's values

More about our values:

Our business is driven by its nine values and we are looking for team members who share them. They will be discussed at your three-monthly appraisals, they are talked about during every new prospect meeting, and they’re emblazoned on our studio wall. We expect you to stick to them, no matter what.

Honesty: We are not looking for perfect human beings. But what we do want are people who understand the importance of telling the truth at all times, even when they get things wrong.

Ethical: That means doing what’s right, what’s best for the client, and what’s best for Status Social and the team.

Excellence: We expect you to go above and beyond what is expected by us and the clients. We are no ordinary social media consultancy and you will need to be extraordinary with us.

Teamwork: Everyone is part of the team at Status Social. Which means we stick together, we support each other and we help each other to grow. We work really hard together, with everyone pulling their weight.

Open Feedback: We don’t expect you to ever criticise another member of the team behind their back. We do expect you to tell them constructively, in the right way and at the right time when things don’t quite go right. And that means being open with everybody at Status Social.

Creativity: Life is boring when it’s not creative. We expect you to regularly come up with great ideas, whether for social media, for our clients, or to make Status Social even better.

Accuracy: We work for national and international companies. They expect perfectly-written social media content. They don’t want to see spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. And neither do we.

Plain speaking: We don’t like bamboozling our clients with long-words to make us feel important. So we don’t. We also speak plainly when we address each other. It’s just the way we are.

Fun: Having fun at work is really important to us. We want people to enjoy their job. That’s why we don’t let people work their birthdays, we close the business down to go to beer festivals, we have official lie-in days and we have team days out walking in the countryside.

How to apply

We don’t think we can really tell the whole story of the job here so we welcome (and in fact, encourage) interested candidates to call one of our directors, Mark and Kerry, to find out more before applying.

After you’ve spoken to one of the directors, send the following to,:

– An explanation of why you are the right person for the job, using the above requirements and providing evidence

– A CV relevant to the vacancy

– Your salary expectations

Deadline for applications: end of 22nd September 2020

About us

Status Social was one of the first specialist social media consultancies in the UK. Since 2011 we have trained nearly 3000 business people how to generate leads, increase brand awareness and improve customer service through social media.

Over the last nine years we have helped some of the UK’s top companies, including Vision Express, Marriott Hotels, East Midlands Trains, The Priory, and Graco to formulate social media strategies and we manage accounts for businesses who love seeing return-on-investment from their social media.

We have been finalists in the Derby Telegraph Business Awards four times in four years, won Contribution to the Community in 2018, won Creative Business of the Year in 2016, and one of the team has been named in Derbyshire’s Inspirational 250 business people three years in a row.

You can read more about us on this website and we’d strongly encourage you to do so.