My First Day In A Values-Led Business

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My First Day In A Values-Led Business

It was a mixture of prosecco, Krispy Kreme donuts and extreme sweating.

No, I’m not talking about a typical Friday night in Mickleover.


My first day at Status Social was a day I’ll never forget. The excitement of starting a new social media job, new career and being part of a new team was great! I produced no actual work and yet it still felt like a productive day.

It’s safe to say that first-day jitters are a universal experience whether you are an administrative assistant or a company director. What makes all the difference is the company you’re starting in, and the culture they nurture. I could tell immediately on my first day that my appointment was not simply for me to fulfil a role. Like a hole that needs plugging, but an investment into me as a person. There was no expectation for me to “hit the ground running” (whatever that means), but simply to meet the team, and absorb whatever I could.


First day at a values-led business

A scorching day eating pre-lunch donuts. Left to right: Jamie, Mark, Kerry, India, Craig.

I’m the kind of person that likes to see the physical result of his work, and to have contributed something valuable at the end of the day. I was, however, quite literally told to stop worrying about all that and just listen, observe and learn. It started to sink in that they saw me as an investment, not just a worker.

Now, I’m lucky that my first day was wonderful from start to finish. It was thirty degrees outside, with not a cloud in the sky (hence the sweating). We had a roof-top lunch, drank prosecco and filled that day with donuts (that I brought with me), and I can safely say the key result of the day was achieved – becoming part of the Status Social family.

Social media jobs Derby and Nottingham

Sweating on the roof terrace for my ‘welcome to the team’ prosecco lunch.

In the end, I suppose that’s what really matters when someone starts on their first day; the settling in to the team, not the amount of work they produce. If a company has their culture and values firmly in place, then they will reap what they sow.

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Jamie Cernik is the Head of Social Media Management at Status Social. His job is primarily to care for our clients and and the social media management team. Since he’s taken on this role, our management team has achieved more outstanding success looking after our clients’ accounts than ever before. He also plays lots of musical instruments, but we’re yet to be serenaded by him. One day…

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