Ever Wish You Could Communicate Better With Your Customers Via Social Media?

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Ever Wish You Could Communicate Better With Your Customers Via Social Media?

How can new direct message features change the way you talk to your target audience?

Could LinkedIn groups help you develop new business relationships?

Take a look at our monthly roundup to see what the social media giants have been working on and how it will affect your business.


Instagram officially begins testing of DMs on its desktop version.

Instagram is finally expanding its desktop functionality.

But, why now?

We believe it’s to do with the previously announced integration with WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. With 2020 likely to be a huge year for the messaging platforms, Facebook is looking to ensure users can communicate privately, no matter how you’re viewing its platforms.

Is this the year you use private messaging within your marketing strategy?

Instagram Direct Messages


New year, new restrictions on social media platforms

Instagram is now providing new age restriction options for business and creator accounts.

How does this affect your content?

If you operate a business that is age-specific, you can now prevent unwanted eyes from viewing your content. Under 18s will no longer be asking what the age limits are to your events, seeing alcoholic products, etc.


Brand Collabs Manager and Instagram sync up

Previously a feature only available to brands on Facebook,  this has now been opened up to those on Instagram too.

The easiest way to describe the feature is as a marketplace or database of brands. A tool that brands or creators can use to find opportunities for collaboration.

Why could this be important?

Influencer marketing took a big hit in 2019 with Instagram hiding likes and reducing the clout of individual creators. This tool could help you find and validate influencers that matter and those that will help you generate actual growth.

If you believe influencers can actually help you achieve that, of course…

Instagram and Facebook Brand Collabs Manager

Source: http://bit.ly/Instagram-Creators

Twitter removes audience insights

Twitter is in the process of reshuffling its analytics offering. The audience tab is disappearing (from January 30th 2020) and with it, key metrics such as your followers’ interests, education level and the platform they’re using, will all be disappearing.

Are there any alternatives?

Unfortunately, Twitter has not released any further updates on why it is being removed, nor if it will be replaced. So, if you’re reading this before it disappears, extract any relevant data now.

If the deadline has already passed, you might want to take a look at the new conversion insights feature that was recently added to its Media Studio platform. While not directly parallel to that of the lost audience insights, its features still provide insight into who’s talking about you.

To find out more about Twitter insights and how you can get the best out of them, enquire about our Twitter Training.

Twitter Removes Audience Insights

Twitter encourages private conversations

Twitter has been adding to its own messaging platform too. Now you’ll be able to ‘react’ to messages on the fly.

Quick reactions will help move the conversation forward while also enabling you to form a better relationship with your customers. Nothing especially innovative, but further evidence that the future of social media will operate behind closed doors and in more private places.

If you want to find out how you can use messaging platforms for your business, read this blog about getting the most out of Whatsapp for Business.

Twitter DM Reactions

Source: http://bit.ly/Twitter-Reactions-Jane-Manchun-Wong

Both Facebook and LinkedIn have been upgrading groups

Facebook has brought out a new Auto Approval feature allowing quick access into your private groups.

You can add criteria that must be met such as ‘be based within a specific location, have mutual friends with an existing member, or have answered all the initiation questions.’

LinkedIn has released a whole bunch of group features to assist the moderators. These include member filters (based on location, industry or company), deletion of all posts from a specific person in one go (reputation management), moderation of all posts, invitation settings, keyword searches, admin recommendations and refined notifications.

How will these new features help you engage with your target audience?

A lot of benefits can be found in using groups. Developing a community of people around your brand is a great way to both get messages out and promote your most loyal fans.

With an easier way of managing these groups, the platforms are hoping you choose their site to host them.

Find out how you can best find people from your niche on social media that could transform your business.

Facebook Groups

Have you noticed any of the changes and new features while working on the platforms recently?

Which of the new features are you most excited about?

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