6 Niche Social Networks That Could Transform Your Business

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6 Niche Social Networks That Could Transform Your Business

Are you looking in the wrong place for your target audience on social media?

The social media climate is evolving and niche networks are taking the digital arena by storm – make sure you’re not missing out.

There was a time when Facebook was just for American college students, Twitter was for sharing short snippets of news, and Instagram was just for keen-eyed photographers. People joined to connect with friends and family, and as a consequence, also found people with common interests or common goals. In essence, new ‘digital-communities’ were formed.

But, those days seem to have long gone, and as the platforms have grown in popularity, their agenda has changed. Many would say the giants have lost their way. They’re now large and all-encompassing machines with complex algorithms and dormant users. That’s not to say their audiences aren’t relevant to you, but it takes know-how and the right strategy to track them down.

In the past few years, however, there has been a flurry of new networks sprouting from the mistakes of the old. Networks that again set out to connect people with similar ideals and interests.

In an attempt to expand your horizons, we’ve pulled together some of our favourites and detailed how they could be the perfect match for your business.

1. Makers Playground

Are you the type of person who loves having something to show from a day’s work?

Whether that’s a wooden bird box or a knitted cardigan, a mechanical marvel or a textile treasure, Makers Playground is a social space for anyone with a passion for making things.

This app would be the perfect place for an online craft supplies shop looking for an engaged audience. Or maybe an engineering company looking to recruit the next generation of innovators?

2. Candide

Does your business do anything outdoors?

Candide is an app specifically for people with green fingers.

It’s a space where you can both brag about, and ask for advice on, your gardens or green spaces.

The obvious industry which could take advantage of this app would be, you guessed it, gardening.  However, there’s room for plenty of other sectors too.

Perhaps you’re the owner of a roofing company that specialises in green roofs? Maybe you run a dog walking business and are looking to build a community of potential clients. Or you manage a large garden centre and are keen on becoming the industry expert? There are lots of possibilities.

3. Houzz

Interior Decorators, Furniture Stores, Estate Agents, Builders and Fencing Companies… The list of businesses which can take advantage of Houzz goes on.

It’s the place to be for interior inspiration.

The network even has a place for you to list your services. So, if anyone local needs your help, they can reach out to you directly.

It’s not just a standard business directory though!

You can post inspiring articles, follow fans, engage with your target audience and much much more. Doing all of which is bound to help your business gain new customers.

4. Untappd

Brewers take note!

Untappd is a community for people who love trying new ales. So, whether you make the beer or cider or are simply selling it, there is no better community to be a part of.

Ask for recommendations, host local events, become a verified venue, create a space to engage with your regulars… this social media app is a mash of different features (brewer joke, there…).

5. PlayerHunter

A social network for football enthusiasts.

Whether you’re a player or a coach, PlayerHunter helps you keep track of all your footballing activities. Share your progress among your friends, seek out the best scouts around and find new clubs.

From a business standpoint, there is plenty of scope for getting your brand in front of the footballing crowd. Maybe you’re an energy drink manufacturer, a gym owner or an equipment supplier? It’s a great place to motivate your audience, influence their daily routines, prove you’re an expert in the field and maybe sell something in the process.

6. Twitch

If Twitch is the only one from this list you’ve already heard about, we wouldn’t be surprised. The question is did you realise it was a social network? And do you realise its potential for your business?

Online gaming is an ever-expanding industry and Twitch is the best place to live stream gameplay to an engaged audience. Perhaps you’re a game developer or you sell computer parts? OK, they might seem obvious, but what if your product isn’t so closely linked, but your audience is still the gaming archetype? Engaging with influencers on this platform would be a great strategy.


Niche social networks are popping up all over the place. Your audience is active in an online community. The question is, are you prepared to seek it out?

Remember the key to success on all of these platforms is to be conversational. The communities have been built from the ground-up and all have a loyal following and fanbases. Blanketing the platforms with promotional material and sales lingo is a sure fire way of leaving a negative impression.

If you are looking for training on the best way to compose posts and engage with your audience, take a look at our Social Media Training Workshops and get in touch with us today.

Have you had success with a niche social network? Have we missed your favourite from our list? Why not tell us all about it below.

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