The Status Update: Is Facebook going to be ruined by ads?

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Facebook is trying to make as much money as it can… but is it able to do so without being intrusive? The network has announced a raft of changes to its advertisements, making it easier than ever before to talk to your potential customers. But will the new ads alter our enjoyment of Facebook? Mark Saxby gets the answers from Martin Broadhurst…

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Why wives always know best

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Is it just me or do husbands never get it right? If I make the bed, my wife will tell me I’ve not done it properly (pillows not the right shape, quilt too lumpy); when I hang out the washing my wife feels she has to go out after me to finish off the job properly (clothes not hanging at the right angle, underpants are crinkled); if I stack the dishwasher my wife feels the need to restack it (there’s a toast crumb on a plate, she’s spotted half a millimetre of unused space).

Then, when I don’t do the jobs because I am obviously not good enough at them, I get told off for not doing the housework!
My feeling is there are some jobs where it is best to do it yourself. So when I got asked to do the social media marketing for a small wine business, I said no. Not because I don’t love wine (give me a glass of red and I’m anybody’s); it’s just that I am no expert. As I explained to the wine company: if Status Social Media Marketing is managing your wine accounts on Twitter and Facebook and a potential customer tweets you from Sainsburys asking which meat goes best with his Can Rafols dels Caus, me or my team wouldn’t know the answer. We could find out by asking our client but by the time we get the answer, it may be too late. So in my opinion, we are not the best option to manage such an account. It would be better if we trained the wine business how to do it themselves. They can speak with real passion.
I never heard from that wine business again. For all I know they may have got another social media marketing business to tweet on their behalf. Do I regret my decision? No, because I want the best thing for the customer rather than looking out for our bank balance first. Sometimes it is right to manage a business’s social media accounts – but only when you can do it better than they could do it themselves.
There is a lot of mystery surrounding social media marketing but it is not unfathomable. If someone tells you it can’t be taught, they are talking rubbish. Anyone can be shown how to run their own social media accounts and time-saving devices are available to avoid Twitter and Facebook taking over your life.
So the next time someone offers to run your social media marketing, ask yourself if you really need someone to do so. Or do you need to quote my wife and reply: “I’ll do it myself because I want it done properly.”

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The Status Update: Should Facebook Be Banned At Work?

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Is business suffering because of social media? Are our employees throwing away valuable time tweeting and updating their statuses, rather than working? Is the answer a ban on social media during office hours? Mark Saxby thinks so. Martin Broadhurst doesn’t. Listen to their (sometimes heated) debate in today’s Status Update

Should Facebook be banned at work? (mp3)

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Status Turns One!

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Which will be the King Beer?


Time flies when you are having fun and it seems like barely five minutes have passed since we started Status Social Media Marketing at the start of 2011. We have had an incredibly successful first year and to mark the passing of it we are heading to the pub to enjoy a quiet drink. With some games, of course. Being the socialites that we are, you are invited to join the fun.

The Plan

Where: Exeter Arms, Derby

When: 7:30pm, 27th January 2011
What: Join us us for a night of judgement (of beers, not you) as we sip, taste, guzzle down and consider the subtle nuances of some of the best real ale in the region. The chain of events will be (as you munch on the snacks we’re providing):

    • Buy your four halves of beer.
    • Score each beer out of ten on aroma, colour, flavour and overall score.
    • Fill in the comment box for each beer.
    • Crown the overall winning beer – Status Birthday Beer of the Year 2012.
    • Plus! The writer of the best beer comment will win a copy of the Good Beer Guide 2012!

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Considering Moving to the Clouds

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Geek and Poke: Cloud Thingy

A scene from IT strategy meetings the world over?

Status Social is a business that operates online. It’s the nature of a social media marketing business. The tools that we use – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc – are all based online so that is the realm in which we operate.
It isn’t just the social networks that occupy us when we are online. We also use many cloud based services because of the flexibility they afford us. Storing files on the cloud or using web apps gives us the freedom to work on the move.
Cloud computing is still in a growth phase and the size of the market is expected to increase by a factor of five over the next decade. As more and more of us move our files into the cloud, what do we need to consider?
One of the biggest business benefits of operating within the cloud is that the costs associated with purchasing, maintaing and upgrading hardware are replaced with what is, in effect, a rental fee. By using other organisation’s servers, businesses can dramatically cut costs but with this comes the loss of control over the system. This means that when the servers go down for any reason, you can do little more than wait patiently.
The counter point to this is that dedicated cloud service providers specialise in this field and are likely to have less down time than most in-house IT solutions would experience. It is the bread and butter of these service providers to stay online so it ought to be their priority to stay online.

Storing your data on the servers of another company means that more people can access your data than if it were on your own servers. Admittedly, the likelihood of someone from the hosting company accessing your data is slim but it is something to consider. How comfortable are you with knowing that your data is in the hands of others?
It is worth saying that it is in the interests of cloud based service providers to have the best security measures in place for their clients. Given the costs involved in maintaining a well protected network, it may well be the case that your data is more secure on the cloud than it would be in-house.
The cloud computing industry is still very much in a growth phase and, as such, industry standards have not emerged just yet. While you may be using one service and wanting to share data with a client or supplier, they may not be using that same bit of software which could potentially cause compatibility problems. It is important you understand how much cross-platform compatibility your chosen service provider has in order to limit potential issues in the future.
Data Migration
At some stage you may wish to swap provider for one service or another. Given how much data companies will be storing in the cloud, it is a wise business owner that investigates how easily they can migrate their data porting before signing up for one particular service provider. The last thing you as a business owner will want is to find out your data is stuck on one platform unless you jump through a hundred hoops, each requiring the technical knowledge of a senior Google engineer, before you can move your data elsewhere.
When you move onto the cloud, you are making savings through the fact that investment in hardware is no longer such a great consideration. That said, you cannot simply wash your hands off the ownership of your data because it is still your data. You own it. Outsourcing the storage of it does not mean that you can forget about it and pass the buck onto the service provider should something terrible happen. You still have a responsibility to back-up your data for those emergency scenarios. Even the biggest of cloud computing firms can have significant data losses. Make sure you back up regularly to avoid the worst.

Written by Martin Broadhurst

Contact Status Social today to find out how your business can benefit from social media marketing and cloud based services.

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My Social Media Gift to You

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We all have our vices. For some people it is the lure of the casino they cannot resist where others struggle to pull themselves away from the pub. I am no exception to this rule and today I want to come forward and publicly announce that I am addicted to….. Reddit.

Yes, I know. I need to drag myself away from the rage comics, away from the adorable puppies and back towards the real world. I need to take myself outside, enjoy the sunshine and interact with real people. I understand and accept this as true but sometimes taking your own advice is the hardest thing to do.
For those of you that don’t know, is a social news site where users submit links (or questions, stories, interesting information) and other users will vote for the submissions that they like the most. The most popular stories will then rise to the top of the site thus giving us a socially curated news website featuring everything from serious world politics to pictures of cats playing the piano.

And once you’re in… there tends to be no escape.

Reddit provides me with a constant stream of fascinating news stories, political insight, funny links and thought provoking discussion. If I had to choose between Google or Reddit, I’d choose Reddit everyday.

As a social marketer you’d think that I would want to use Reddit to help my clients’ content get found. You’d think that I would want to to play the system, encourage influential users to vote up my submissions and get more hits. Well, actually, I don’t. I like Reddit. I like the community on there and I like how the site works as it is. Trying to game the system results in bad content getting found and I believe if you create good content, people will naturally share it.

Therein lies the key to getting found online. You need to create good content that people will actually benefit your readers. Therefore, my goal in this particular blog entry, is to encourage you to use Reddit by sharing some of my personal Reddit highlights below. Enjoy! I hope to see you on there some time.

Reddit: Five of the best

Outsmarting kids the old-fashioned way
Little known websites that everyone should know about
The whole Google+ subreddit
IAmAn Astronaut. Ask me anything (Q&A with an astronaut)
and for those of you who don’t know… The Reddit 101

Written by Martin Broadhurst

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