User-Generated Content- What It Is and Why You Should Use It

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User-Generated Content- What It Is and Why You Should Use It

Struggling to find daily content? On a shoestring budget?

You might be missing a trick by not using what’s already in front of you.

What is user-generated content?

User-generated content is that which is created by your fans on social media. Content can range from brand-related photos and videos to testimonials and product reviews.

Social media has evolved so much over the last few years and that means businesses have had to keep up. With more brands becoming switched on to their fan base, we’re not surprised that there’s an increased rate of user engagement. By becoming more social, brands have created a close-knit community which is more than willing for the content they’ve created to be shared.

What’s so great about user-generated content?

1 – People love being involved!


Imagine you’ve bought a product from a brand you love. You then post a photo of said product on Instagram and tag in the brand you purchased it from. Next thing you know, your photo appears on their story or featured on their page! How do you feel? Like a million bucks! Because out of hundreds or even thousands of followers, your photo has been noticed and used. We noticed how much of a difference user-generated content made when we worked on the Facebook tourist page for Cleethorpes. Visitors posted their photos of Cleethorpes on the page and absolutely loved it when we shared them on the ‘Visit Cleethorpes’ page.


2 – It’s a great way to promote your brand!


Influencers are on the rise and that means product reviews are too! This is great news for companies, it gives consumers the opportunity to easily share their thoughts about products on social media. It’s a great form of free or low-cost advertising and it doesn’t just stop at reviews. More and more brands are hosting regular users on their Instagram account for a day to create and share content, as well as engage with their audience.


3 – No more stock images!


Stock images are acceptable every now and then but people want to engage with more natural content. User-generated content gives your feed a break from that over-polished look. It gives off a more natural, authentic vibe which is what more and more followers are looking for in their favourite brands.

What’s the best way to collect user-generated content?

Host a competition!

One of the easiest ways to find user-generated content is to start a competition for your fans. People love the chance to win a prize so they’ll happily take part in a contest. We created a dog Christmas dress-up competition for one of our clients. Fans were asked to post a photo of their dog in Christmas attire to be entered into the competition. We had hundreds of entries and gained hundreds of photos of our fans’ dogs. When we posted the winners, fans loved it because their dog was picked out of thousands of others – it made them feel special.

User-generated content- competitions

Use Influencers!

Look for influencers who have a fan base with the same interests as your brand. Get in touch with them and ask them to showcase your brand on their page. Whether that’s with product reviews, or by creating product lifestyle content. In turn, you can help them by sharing that same content on your page, it works both ways!

Create content for people to engage with!

Social is THE important part of ‘social media’ but many brands often forget about it. Creating engaging posts helps build your community and if you post the right content, people will share what you ask them to. We often do this with our dog brand client. We’ve gained so much user-generated content by asking  “What’s your dog’s favourite toy?” or “What did your dog look like as a puppy?”. We’re even at the stage where we don’t need to ask a question anymore – the fans just naturally share their photos and videos on the page.

There’s no doubt about it, fans are looking for more authentic brands to engage with. That means brands need to get on board and mix up their content. After seeing how user-generated content has worked with our clients we have no doubt you should be taking advantage of it too!

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