How To Slash Your Recruitment Costs AND Get The Best Pool Of Recruits Ever!!

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How To Slash Your Recruitment Costs AND Get The Best Pool Of Recruits Ever!!

“Hang on, aren’t you a social media agency?”

Yes we are. And we want to tell you that the answer to your recruitment needs may lie in networks like LinkedIn or Facebook.

We recently ran a social media recruitment campaign for an established company in Derby struggling to find and recruit good business development team members.

Using traditional methods to find your new employees can be very expensive. As many businesses find out, a recruitment agency can charge 15%, 20% or sometimes up to 30% for certain roles.

If we take an average of 15% per successful £30,000 candidate, that’s a cost of £4,500.

If it’s 20%, then that candidate will cost you £6,000.

What if we told you our methods to find your staff of tomorrow using LinkedIn could cost a fraction of that?

“This is the best pool of candidates we’ve ever had.”

We found 50 candidates on LinkedIn for our client in just three months. People who were interested in working for our client. These potential recruits were all employed somewhere else, which meant that if they wanted to move companies it would be because they really wanted to work there.

Most recruitment agencies find out-of-work people, or those looking to move. Sometimes they are grumpy and demotivated. They often move on again to a new job within a couple of years. We believe that the best employees are those who only leave jobs because the new role is too enticing to turn down. The desperation for any old job just isn’t there.

And we gave our client 50 of these sort of candidates to choose from! It’s no wonder our client said it was the “best pool of candidates we’ve ever had”!

social media recruitment lead


The catch? There’s no catch.

The best pool of recruits they’ve ever had at a whole lot less than standard recruitment agency rates, with dozens of future candidates left waiting in the wings when our client’s next vacancy comes up.

Are there any other tactics for using social media to recruit?

Well, yes there are!

We position Status Social as being an “employer of choice”. That means it’s a place where we hope everyone will want to work, whether they are interested in social media or not.

Facebook is our main tool – every post is focused on recruiting, whether we have a live vacancy or not. That means we post about what we’re up to, the fun things the team are doing, and about our values.

Social media Facebook recruitment

Some of our current employees waited for years for a job to come up that fitted their skills, watching our social media content and thinking: “I want to work at Status Social!”.

Others came to us because their friends or family followed us on Facebook and when a job came up, they told them they ought to apply to work here.

Our strategy means we have people queuing up to work at Status Social, waiting for an opportunity. And combined with a Facebook advertising spend of between £20 and £50 per vacancy (yes, really, that’s it), we’ve been attracting better and better candidates.

Who says you have to stick to traditional methods to find your people?!

So, how are you going to source your next candidates?

If you’d like to chat about how we can help your recruitment needs, then get in touch.

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