The 3 Main Reasons People Go On Social Media

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The 3 Main Reasons People Go On Social Media

So you think you know why your business is on social media. 

But do you know why the rest of the world is logging on?

As a social media agency, it’s important for our team to understand not only the networks, but the people behind it – and why they would actually want to see our posts.

So every time we post, it’s important to ensure at least one of these needs is being met:

1. Entertainment

People want to see something that will make them smile. Humour is so vital on social media. What sort of humour is something you and your business needs to agree upon – dry, sarcastic, gentle, slapstick, surreal, etc. It’s also important to ensure you set a boundary and don’t cross it!

We take humour very seriously at Status Social. We regularly make time to create content that is simply entertaining, and has nothing really to do with social media or any of our services. For example, understanding that people want to be entertained, we create trick shot sequences, Harry Potter homages, and short films about killer yucca plants. And guess what? It helps us generate leads and secure business!


2. Inspiration 

Posts that generate emotional responses are dynamite on social media. I’m talking about underdogs achieving against the odds, people with disabilities overcoming their difficulties and others shaking off their shackles and making it happen. In fact, some of the most viral content has these elements in it.

Again, we make an effort to show this through our work with local charities and through the charity we are setting up, Positive Social. In 2018 we gathered over 1000 second hand shoes from the local community to send to people who don’t have enough money to buy them for themselves.

Positive Social, launching soon, was founded by Status Social to teach and equip young people, parents and teachers on the dangers of social media. Encouraging a healthy, safe and wise approach to using it. Telling inspirational stories from our sessions with young people generates strong levels of engagement.

Positive Social

Mark taking a selfie for social media as part of a Positive Social session at a Derby school


Positive Social is launching soon as a charity

3. Value

For a business, this element is powerful. Put simply, people will want to follow you if they feel you are giving value to them, for free.

Little snippets of useful information, tips, hacks, suggestions, explanations – all offer value. Blogs are an amazing vehicle for sharing your content (as well as boosting your general search engine optimisation) and can really help to set you up as experts in your field.

A good strategy is to write blogs that provide the solution to specific problems that crop up in your industry. Then use social media to personally send your blog to your target audience and ask their opinion on it. You’ll soon discover it’s a great way to open up a conversation and can be a vital tool in your business development.

Social media updates blog

A recent social media update blog from Status Social


If these three things have been done well, an opportunity will open up as a result:

People will actually want to know more about you!

Your audience will want to find out about who you are. It’s the same basic principle for businesses and private accounts – sharing content that offers more information. Educating your followers on what you’re about.

On a private account this would be sharing stories that have happened to you, sharing photos of yourself enjoying the things you enjoy. For a business, it’s the opportunity to let people see your company’s personality. What’s important to you, your products and services, your values, your USPs and your success stories!

As long as you’re providing plenty of  entertainment, inspiration and value then you’ve earned the right to talk about yourself as a business.

blog social media

8 things you didn’t know about Status Social

Because of the inspirational, entertaining and valuable content you’ve been sharing, people will want to know more about you. Where companies go wrong is that they see social media as just another sales channel when they’ve actually got to earn the right to talk about their offerings first, if they want any meaningful engagement with their audience.

So what are you doing to entertain, inspire and give value on social media?

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