Why You Should Use Pinterest as Part of Your Social Media Strategy

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Why You Should Use Pinterest as Part of Your Social Media Strategy

Have you underestimated the power of pinning?

Pinterest is so much more than baking recipes, crochet patterns and interior design, and it has an array of new features. Have you unleashed its potential? Here’s how!

Social channels come and go, but some stay around without people really taking much notice. We like to think of Pinterest as the dark horse of the social media world – could it be time to dust off those pins? 

Pinterest – in a nutshell

Pinterest is an under-rated social platform in our opinion, loved by bakers, knitters and wannabe interior designers the world over. However it is quite rare that a business uses Pinterest to boost engagement, drive traffic or generate leads and you may be missing a trick by not doing so.

The social channel is used for ‘pinning’ images and videos that spark inspiration or ideas. Users can then save pins to their own boards to create a ‘mood board’ for interior design or perhaps recipes to try, or clothes they like.

Increase in Site Traffic

Not many social media and marketing professionals will admit it, but it is common for Pinterest to get over-looked. Don’t worry though! Content on Pinterest has a relatively long shelf life in comparison to other social channels. This is entirely dependant on the description – is it what your target audience are looking for? If your pin also links to a relevant page on your website, then bingo!

You don’t need to pin all the time to receive referrals, you just need to pin the right content. Pinterest was the biggest source of referrals to one of our clients’ sites, more than Twitter & Facebook, even when their profile had seen little activity until we took over. And with more frequent pins, referral traffic continues to increase!

jamjar - pinterest-workshop

Pinterest Strategy Workshop

That isn’t to say you should pin for the sake of it. Look at your old pins – do they still attract views? Then recycle! Update the description and the page that the pin links to and see how they perform after an update. Using analytics on both Pinterest and Google Analytics is the best way to track performance and see if your pins are even contributing to generating leads via enquiry forms.

Why promote a product on Pinterest?

It is highly likely your target audience is already on Pinterest with over 250 million active monthly users and 93% using the platform to research a product before buying. The main objective of Pinterest is to inspire – it is a valuable channel to find something you want without committing to adding it to your shopping basket straight away!


BUT if you use Pinterest as an advertising tool, it can contribute to generating business. Promoted Pins can help with specific actions: online checkouts, increasing newsletter signups or enquiry forms. You can target specific demographics and are only charged when a user shows interest by clicking your pin. Pinterest findings show that 1 out of 2 Pinterest users have made a purchase after seeing a Promoted Pin with 67% of users discovering a new brand or product as a result of Promoted Pins.


The introduction of ‘Shop the Look’ pins enables users to purchase a product when white dots appear on an image. It was announced recently that both Facebook & Instagram plan to introduce in-app shopping later this year, Pinterest have done the same! Leaving the channel to search for a product could result in losing a potential customer altogether, having the option to buy without leaving Pinterest means instant conversions and speeds up the buying process!

Pinterest also recently reported that brands who tested out this new feature saw an increase in sales. Gravity Blankets achieved twice as many sales and a 58% lower cost for their results and spirits enthusiasts club, Flaviar had a 409% increase in traffic and 8 times as many leads in October 2018 compared to the month before.

You will need a business account to create Promoted Pins – you can find out more about how to set your budget and spending limits by going to Ads Manager.


What’s New For Pinterest?

Updated Analytics! Track the success of both paid and organic pins with overview, looking at the number of re-pins, saves and link clicks to your site.

pinterest analytics


Pinterest said it has seen a 31% jump in searches for inspirational videos in the past year, while its users are 54% more likely to say they were inspired to action by videos on Pinterest than on other social media platforms.​ So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that new video tools for brands and creators have been introduced.



How could a Story feature work on Pinterest? Well, we’re about to find out! As we have been given early access via one of our clients’ accounts. The Story feature works by adding images and links to pages on your site, and displays similar to a brochure of your products! This could be a very handy feature if you’re a retailer, but could also work for recipes, step-by-step tutorials or just showing off your business!


Pinterest Story Preview


Another highlight is your story also displays as individual pins contributing to your overall reach and engagements on your Pinterest boards!


Do you want to find out how Pinterest could be part of your social media strategy or maybe you want to know how to make the most of it? Then get in touch!

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