Status Social in Final of Workplace Culture Awards

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Status Social in Final of Workplace Culture Awards

Status Social has been named one of the top places to work in the UK by a national brand.

Perkbox has placed us into the final of the Workplace Culture Awards 2019.

The snack company says it had thousands of nominations but Status Social was deemed a worthy finalist in the small business category.

We were nominated by Status Social Facebook page fan, Michelle Butler, who said she “couldn’t think of a more deserving workplace ethic than yours to win this. Save me a canapé if you win!”

The Perkbox Workplace Culture Awards 2019 recognise the businesses who go above and beyond to ensure employees are happy in their work-life balance… they’re delivering innovative methods and initiatives that benefit their workforce.


The winner of each category is decided by votes. Members of the public are asked to choose which employer they think should win by voting through the Perkbox website.

Status Social director, Kerry Saxby, said Perkbox had made it a simple process and hoped Status Social fans would support us:

“We don’t have hundreds of people working for us so we can’t rely on our staff voting us to victory.

“But we know we have a huge number of advocates who love the way we conduct our business – and we’re hoping they will support us!”

Status Social’s mission statement is to try and change the lives of everyone who comes into contact with us – whether our team, our clients or the wider community.

We are a values-led business – being ethical, honesty, excellence, teamwork, plain speaking, accuracy, creativity, and fun – and we don’t compromise on any of them.

Some of the UK’s biggest employers have come to Status Social during 2019 to see what they can learn about how to engage their teams, including Boots, Centrica, Wilko and Walgreen.

Director Mark Saxby said it was great to be named a finalist and would be even better if we won:

“We have people queuing up to work at Status Social because of our culture and the distinctive way we do business.

“Winning this award would help us recruit amazing people and hopefully encourage other businesses to follow our example.”

Do you think we are worth a vote? If so, we’d love it if you clicked here!

What do our team think to working at Status Social?

India Ward

“It’s amazing to think that we spend more time on a daily basis with the people we work with than our own families. It’s even more amazing to think that working for Status Social means I don’t have to search hard for ways to achieve the best work-life balance.

My job is not just a way of paying the bills. It’s the place where I’m given opportunities to expand my skills and develop my knowledge. I’m free to experiment with ideas and new ways of working in any way that will contribute to the business positively and it’s where I come to have fun!

Monthly team breakfasts, annual walks in the countryside, official lie-in days – all of this contributes to my happiness and I feel very grateful to be a part of the Status Social family.”

Lee Reavill

“When looking for a new role, I really wanted to work somewhere that values working as a team, where asking for help is encouraged and talking about social media marketing is exciting.

“This is exactly what it is like working with the team at Status Social, helping each other never feels like a chore.

“In previous roles, values have always been more in place as company rules. Meetings have been results focused and never drew on personal experiences. It is the exact opposite at Status Social, it is also the main reason that attracted me to the business.

“Asking for advice, help and collaborating as a team is all part of working here. Being honest, open and knowing that Mark and Kerry have your best interests in mind.

“The same goes for clients, building a relationship with them is so important. We want them to feel like an extended part of the team. This makes communicating with clients so much easier, knowing what we all expect from each other.

“Being at Status Social for nearly a year has also allowed me to be honest about a personal and sensitive issue. I have had anxiety for years but I have never spoken to a boss or a colleague about it for fear of being judged.

“Honesty is one of our values and I felt that explaining this to the team came naturally. I felt at ease talking about it and as a result, my anxiety is more manageable.

“It wasn’t until one of our team members mentioned that it was nice to be thanked at the end of every day when leaving that we noticed, we say it without even thinking.

“Such a small and simple word that goes a long way!

“We make working here look fun, that’s because it is. But this is down to the values and team spirit that we’ve built.”

Alexandra Burrows

“Before working at Status Social I’d never worked for a company that had its own set of values let alone taken them seriously. The values were one of the main draws for me as I could see how much it meant to everyone in different ways.

“It was also the fact that I got to be part of a team that wanted to make a difference in people’s lives and that’s what we aim to do every day.”

Jamie Cernik

“My first day at Status Social was a day I’ll never forget. The excitement of starting a new social media job, new career and being part of a new team was great! I produced no actual work and yet it still felt like a productive day.

“It’s safe to say that first-day jitters are a universal experience whether you are an administrative assistant or a company director. What makes all the difference is the company you’re starting in, and the culture they nurture.

“I could tell immediately on my first day that my appointment was not simply for me to fulfil a role. Like a hole that needs plugging, but an investment into me as a person. There was no expectation for me to “hit the ground running”, but simply to meet the team, and absorb whatever I could.”

Jamie Cerni

Liz Champion

“Status Social were recommended to me by friend who had attended a workshop there. I was looking for a new job and she said they had a vacancy. I went to their website and read all about what they do. I was especially interested in them after reading about their values.

“I thought all 9 values were great to work by and I very much wanted to meet the team. I applied for the position of PA. After meeting the directors and staff, I was even more excited about working for them. I went through their vigorous interview process, I got down to the last two but the other candidate just had that bit extra, and was hired. It was safe to say I was gutted!

“But to soften the blow, being an ethical company, I was given open-feedback and Mark and Kerry said they would help me where they could in my search for a new role.

“I’d stayed in touch via social media, watching their success and staff having fun on Facebook! I hit a rocky patch in the role I was in and contacted Mark and Kerry. Kerry took time out of her day to meet me for coffee and give me some food for thought and advice.

“Three years passed, a business development role became available at Status Social. I immediately got in touch to show my interest. After a meeting with Kerry, and then another meeting with both Kerry and Mark, I was invited to start in two weeks! I was so excited! Being a brand new role to Status Social, this was on a trial basis, to see how the role fitted into the business, plus to see how I could fit into the role.

“As I expected, everyone worked to the 9 values. Every Monday there was a meeting where all staff say what they’re thankful for, from the week before. I loved how this really got you thinking about what went well the week before and focusing on positives. Plus every meeting someone was chosen to speak about a value and how it has been incorporated into their work, or life.

“My first value of the week was teamwork, because I really was overwhelmed by how well the company as a whole worked together as a team and really how great every person of the team was! Again, I loved this and knew that all at Status Social really did work to the values.

“I passed the trial and slotted nicely into the team. Even after a couple of months I felt comfortable enough to open up and be honest about some personal issues, which I have been fully supported with. I’d already learnt so much, mainly how to really be creative, plain speaking and tactful within sales.

“Procedures and structures were all in place to ensure excellence and accuracy are always top priority in everyone’s work. I wondered if after I’d been working here a couple more months, I’d start to see some cracks, “it can’t be this good”, I thought. But no, everyone is genuine, the work culture, because of the values that Mark and Kerry have put in place, is like nothing I’ve ever experienced before.”

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