How to Run a Values-led Business Event Attracts Big Names

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How to Run a Values-led Business Event Attracts Big Names

Representatives from some of the East Midlands’ biggest employers have visited Status Social to learn how it is uniquely run.

People from Boots, Experian, British Gas, Nottingham City Council and Rolls Royce came to our Friar Gate offices to hear about the way it’s run according to our values.

In a talk entitled “How We Developed a Truly Values-led Business”, directors Mark and Kerry Saxby explained how they recruit, retain staff and manage their social media agency according to their nine values.

Kerry explained: “Lots of companies have values that they say they live by – but in reality they are just words stuck in a draw or hung on a wall to try and impress visitors.

“The Status Social values define everything we do. Not only do we recruit only people who share our values, our three-monthly appraisals are based around them, our team meetings include them, in fact, the values come into everything we do!”

Kerry says their social media management clients are asked to sign that they will work within the Status Social values. And they have previously parted ways with some clients after they have failed to stick to them.

Attend the next How We Developed a Truly Values-led Business

mark & kerry saxby - status social values led business event“We don’t have fancy values,” said Mark. “Our three key ones are honesty, being ethical and providing excellence. We also think teamwork and having fun are really important.

“So if a client behaves aggressively to our team members, we don’t want to work with them anymore. Our values come above our profits every time.”

The values-led business event was part of the Institute of Internal Communications events, find out more about their upcoming events on their website.

Anxiety overcome by values

Mark says the impact of being values-led is enormous when it comes to the Status Social team.

“One of our team recently announced during a team meeting that he wanted to be honest about his mental health. He’d been suffering from anxiety for many years but had never told work colleagues.

“Now he’s at Status Social, he feels he can be open about it for the first time because he feels supported – plus he hasn’t had any workplace anxiety since being with us.

“It was so good to hear him say that,” enthused Mark.

How we Developed a Truly Values-led Business part 2

Kerry and Mark’s talk on values was hosted by the East Midlands Internal Communications network but demand was so great, Status Social is repeating the event in November.

“Within days of the event going live, we had bookings from massive companies,” said Kerry. “It’s a real privilege that big employers would come to see what they can learn from us – and if we can inspire them to make changes in their workplace, that would be amazing.”

If you’re a business owner or a senior marketing manager, register now to attend the next How We Developed a Truly Values-Led Business Event.


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