Which Short-Form Video Platform Is Best For You?

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Which Short-Form Video Platform Is Best For You?

The past month saw the arrival of not one, not two, but THREE new social media platforms!

Could we have seen a glimpse into the future of ‘social’ media?

Are these new experiments just another copycat fad destined to live only a few months before being scrapped?

Only time will tell if the new Hobbi, Tangi and Byte apps will become a success.

Of course, social media isn’t just for the creative industries, and a lot more is going on behind the scenes to help businesses of all types. So, in this blog, we’ll also share all the latest comings and goings in the world of social media.

Byte Screenshot

The battle for short-form video is well and truly underway.

First Vine, then Snapchat. Now TikTok is leading the way, but is the future Byte or Tangi?

We recently saw the introduction of both Byte, often described as Vine 2.0 due to it having the same creator, and Google’s Tangi, the search giant’s mashup of TikTok and Pinterest.

For those that have fond memories of the grandfather of short-form video, Vine, Byte will not disappoint. It’s almost an exact replica.

Early adopters have already begun flooding the platform with six-second long snippets of creativity.


Should you explore the new version of Vine?

If it’s a younger crowd that your business is targeting, or if you’ve already been posting content on TikTok, Byte is well worth your time. If not, it’s probably only worth a play with at the moment. We always loved its predecessor, Vine, for how easy it was to make short-form video and share them around other social media platforms. That’s also the case for Byte. Take a look at Status Social’s first Byte video!

Byte Screenshot UI


Google makes another attempt at social media.

Google’s Tangi is so new it is yet to reach the European side of the pond. Essentially though, it’ll be a place to share DIY how-to videos.

Unlike Youtube, however, the idea is to capture short-form snippets and inspire others to give the projects a try for themselves.

Should you take any notice?

If your business specialises in the DIY industry, this app provides the perfect place to find your target audience.

Find out more about the emerging world of niche social networks that could transform your business.


Facebook gets into the Hobbi Business.

As if those two new apps weren’t enough, Facebook also appears to be getting into the Pinterest copying game.

Its newest app, Hobbi, also sets out to target the DIY / How-to space.

With a similar layout to Pinterest, the app will help inspire DIY creators and help them organise their hobbies.

Should your business jump on board?

Most definitely, (if you’re at all involved in the craft/ DIY industry).

However, as it is yet to become available in the UK, there’s not a lot more we can reveal about it at the moment. For more updates about Hobbi, sign up to our newsletter.


Instagram now filters your followers.

Instagram is now giving you greater control over your followers. You’ll be able to see all that you’ve engaged with recently and more importantly, all you haven’t.

Instagram Following Categories

Why will this help you be more strategic on Instagram?

That’s simple. With the added filters, you’ll know who to interact with and who to unfollow.

Take a look at this if you want to learn more about effective Instagram strategies.


LinkedIn is LIVE!

Well, it’s actually been around since 2002 and stands as one of the oldest social networks. We’re talking about the new LinkedIn Live video features.

Much like Facebook’s live feature, it allows you to communicate with all your followers immediately. When you go live, your connections will be notified and you can interact with all that are watching in real-time.

How can you access the feature?

The feature isn’t available to everyone. To get access to it now you have to apply to LinkedIn and prove you are worthy! You can do that here.


TikTok has become static.

Ok, that title was a bit of a tease. The short-form video platform is still growing at a rapid pace.

To continue the charge, it has launched a new desktop version of its platform.

TikTok on Desktop

Why will this help businesses?

If you use TikTok for your business, you’ll no doubt have experienced the dilemma of whether to shoot straight from your phone and upload to the platform without any editing, or to perfect your video using editing software which requires exporting it onto a PC and then back again ready for upload.

No, that’s all a thing of the past. Look out for higher quality videos on TikTok.


Which of the new social media apps and features are you most keen to try?

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