Time to Start Making Lists & Telling Stories on Facebook!

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Time to Start Making Lists & Telling Stories on Facebook!

Some new features could soon change the sort of content you see on Facebook!

There have been significant updates for Instagram and LinkedIn too. So is it time to update your social media strategy?


A good social media strategy has to be flexible. This is because social media platforms never stay still. They’re always changing, and what worked yesterday might not work tomorrow.

But while these changes bring new challenges, they also bring new opportunities.

That’s why it’s important to keep a close watch on what’s going on. And our monthly social media news roundups are designed to help you stay up to date.

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Makin’ Lists on Facebook!

You know when you’re writing a post for your Facebook page? You’ve got a lot of options. You can post a link, a video, an image, or an extended long-form note.

But few seem to realise just how many options are available. Have you ever clicked those three little dots under the “Write a post” box?

Facebook Post Options

Doing so opens up a huge range of possibilities:

Facebook Post Options

You could spend hours playing with those! But today we’re going to focus on that option on the bottom right – List. It’s loads of fun.

Click on it and Facebook provides you with some suggestions as to the sort of lists you could create:

Facebook List Suggestions

If you’re ever struggling for Facebook content ideas, your followers could find any one of these lists fascinating! And there’s 32 to choose from, so this could keep you going for months. Although it’s worth noting they refer to “I” or “My” – more in keeping with an personal brand rather than a business.

But you can also create your own list. You can choose the colour scheme, you can make it numbered or bullet-pointed, and you can say a little something about it:

Facebook List Quiche

People like lists. They’re as fun to read as they are to make! But more important than this, all signs indicate that Facebook’s algorithm favours posts and pages that encourage engagement. Few things are more adept at encouraging engagement than lists. People might agree with your choices. They might suggest alternatives. Or they might disagree entirely. In any case, they’ll probably let you know in the form of comments, likes and shares!

We can’t wait to start experimenting with lists on Facebook. Make some of your own and let us know the sort of results you get!

Facebook Stories for Pages

Tellin’ Stories on Facebook!

Facebook introduced Stories in early 2017. These are user-generated collections of photos and videos that disappear after 24 hours. You can embellish them with all manner of fun filters and lenses.

Originally, only individuals could create Stories on Facebook. But earlier this year they made the feature available to Pages, too. This means it’s now possible for your business to create Facebook Stories!

What sort of content might you create? Leave it to Facebook themselves to show us the way. They posted a charming and heartwarming Story for Father’s Day 2018:

As is usually the case with Facebook these days, this is the sort of feature that’ll work best when you create the sort of content that clicks with people, and that encourages engagements.

Facebook here went for a mix of humour and sentiment and it openly invites you to share it – presumably with your dad. You could do something similar! But take care when choosing which national holiday or awareness day to latch onto. Not all of them will be relevant to your business.

Once you’ve created your story, it will show up on your page, in the right hand column:

Facebook Stories Page View

This feature’s been around for a little while, but not all of us at Status Social can see it or use it yet. This suggests that the feature is still in the process of being rolled out. If you can’t access it yet, check again in a few days! Or a few weeks. These updates can take time.

LinkedIn sponsored content

Sponsored Content on LinkedIn!

People always wear their professional hats when using LinkedIn. It’s hard to shake the vague feeling that anyone who interacts with you on the platform wants to hire you, or sell to you.

With the right strategy, it’s possible to draw from this feeling to generate genuine business. But time has told us that it’s best to be social  – to look for genuine engagements and lasting relationships rather than quick wins. We’re still unconvinced about paid advertising on LinkedIn and have yet to hear case studies that have really changed our minds.

Nonetheless, LinkedIn recently unveiled a new range of advertising opportunities: Sponsored content carousels with up to 10 customised cards to swipe through!

LinkedIn Carousel Ads

So carousel ads are literally outstanding. LinkedIn says they’re interactive and eye-catching, so “your stories become tangible and encourage your audience to engage with your brand on both desktop and mobile.”

And unlike other forms of paid advertising on LinkedIn, this one might actually have legs. In the beta test, LinkedIn reports that 75% of more than 300 advertisers reported increased engagements and click-through rates. And there were some big names in that test group. Like Hewlett-Packard! And Volvo!

Linkedin Carousel Ads 2

At the time of writing, this feature’s only been public for a week, so it’s far too early for us to say whether it’s of any use. We’re wary though, as like we said above, we haven’t yet seen any evidence that paid advertising can work on LinkedIn. This platform is made for networking, and we suspect that the sociable approach will always be the best way to use LinkedIn.

We’re willing to be proven wrong, though!

Instagram New Features

Instagram Just Can’t Keep Still!

Instagram just keeps piling on those new features. Have you lost track of what’s new? Don’t worry. The lovely people of Later put together a handy list of every new Instagram feature released in 2018 so far.

There are dozens of items in this list, and any one of them could fundamentally change the way you use the platform. Here’s a few of our favourites:

  • The ability to automatically schedule posts! (About which more here.)
  • Mute accounts without unfollowing them!
  • A whole new algorithm to determine which posts you see first! (We’ll be covering this one in more depth soon.)
  • Add usernames and hashtag links to your bio!
  • Anti-bullying filters!
  • Shoppable posts! (This is another we’ll cover in more depth soon.)
  • Turn existing posts into ads! (So you can monetise posts you already know are successful.)

Like we say, there are many, many, many, many changes to grapple with here. A hearty thank-you to Later for compiling this ultra-handy list. We urge you to read it in full, so we’ll link to it again.

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