Schedule Posts On Instagram! Use Hashtags on LinkedIn! Use Videos Everywhere!

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Schedule Posts On Instagram! Use Hashtags on LinkedIn! Use Videos Everywhere!

For as long as we can remember we’ve wanted to be able to schedule posts on Instagram.

Now, at last, we can! But what else is new in the world of social media?


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Twitter Image - CuppaSocial Breakfast

This Just In: Images and Videos Work Really Well on Twitter!

You’ve been on Twitter before, haven’t you? When you’re scrolling through your feed, do any tweets stand out more than others? Of course they do! But which ones? The big blocks of text with too many hashtags? Or the tweets featuring lovely colourful pictures and videos?

It’s the visual ones, isn’t it? Like that delicious-looking Cafe Sobar breakfast above…

If you want to make an impact on Twitter, or any social network, you need images. And videos. It is known.

But now we can back this up using science!

Ian Moyse at Social Experts has crunched the numbers:

Tweets with images generate 3x more engagement than basic text tweets

Those with GIFs generate 6x more engagement than basic text updates

Tweets with video generate 9x more engagement than basic text updates

Posts with videos generate 3 x more inbound links than plain text posts

Consumers are 85% more likely to purchase after watching a video

Online video add revenue is growing more than 110% per year more than any other advertising.

Food for thought!

This doesn’t mean that every post you ever put out on every social network needs an accompanying image or video. Just that those posts that do feature images and videos are likely to perform better than those that do not.

LinkedIn hashtags

Hashtags Finally Make Their Way to LinkedIn

Hashtags. They were born on Twitter, people use them on Facebook, and they also have a home on Instagram and Pinterest.

So it was perhaps inevitable that they’d eventually make their way to LinkedIn.

Not everyone’s got them yet. In our office, only Mark, our social media consultant is currently seeing them. This suggests that it’s one of those features that’s being tested among a small selection of users before it’s rolled out to all.

And we sort of hope they decide not to roll this out to all LinkedIn users. Because so far, Mark really isn’t impressed with LinkedIn’s approach to hashtags.

It seems that for every post you write LinkedIn suggests a number of hashtags. As you can see in the screenshot above, the suggested hashtags are vague and basic.

At this stage there’s nothing to suggest how they might be used. Will users be encouraged to search by them? Will the LinkedIn home feed start to prioritise content that it thinks you’ll find interesting? We don’t know! Yet…

But the thing that Mark found really irritating is that there was at first not an option to simply post without using a hashtag. The “post” button was hidden until you chose a hashtag. However, this restriction has just disappeared for Mark.

And of course, it will be interesting to see whether anyone actually searches for hashtags on LinkedIn.

More on this as it develops!

Schedule Posts for Instagram

Instagram Now Considerably Easier For Businesses To Use

Instagram has made some major changes to their API.

All of the changes seem designed to make the platform easier for businesses to use. You can now moderate comments, for instance, and view organic insights.

But most exciting of all: It’s now possible to schedule posts for Instagram.

Previously, social media scheduling tools allowed you to plan posts for Instagram. But rather than posting content directly and automatically, like they would for other social networks, they’d instead send you a notification at a prearranged time, leaving the rest to you.

Not anymore! Thanks to these updates, you can now schedule content for Instagram in exactly the same way that you’d schedule content for Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

As well as making things profoundly easier, this opens up a world of opportunities. You can now schedule your content to only ever go out when it’s most likely to perform well. You can also plan your campaigns months in advance, setting up a strong content schedule to coincide with major events, holidays, and festivities.

There are some limitations. At the moment the option’s only open to business profiles, and you can only schedule single photos. If you want to schedule videos or image carousels you’re going to have to rely on the old push notification system. It’s not yet possible to tag profiles and locations with scheduled posts. And if you want to set up a story, you’re going to have to do it live.

So the system isn’t perfect. But still! This is a major development, and one we’ve been waiting for since… forever?

But not everyone’s seeing the positive side of this. Some think this spells the end of engagement on Instagram. They feel that with developments like this, Instagram will soon cease to be a social network and will instead become yet another marketing platform.

Which is obviously good news for businesses. But perhaps it isn’t so good for users.

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