Saniflo: “Status Social Taught Us That Social Media Has a Serious Business Purpose.”

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Saniflo: “Status Social Taught Us That Social Media Has a Serious Business Purpose.”

If your business is completely new to social media, it can be difficult to decide where to begin.

A good social media strategy will act as your clear road map to online success. And as Saniflo found, it can result in the sort of benefits you might never have anticipated.


Before they worked with us, Saniflo just didn’t do social media. 

We conducted a social media strategy session with several members of their management team. We discussed their goals and helped them establish an intelligent plan of action.

We’ve run a successful social media management campaign for Saniflo for some years now. But this isn’t the only thing that came out of our social media strategy session.

We’ve shown many businesses how to use social media to make money. But there’s more to social media than this.

It’s also great for customer service.

Saniflo Use Social Media for Customer Service

Saniflo’s tech support team used to be swamped. They used to receive endless phone calls and emails, and because these took a while to address, they had a backlog.

The result was the Saniflo Support Twitter account. It can take minutes to properly field a phone call or an email. But if you know what you’re talking about, you can respond to tweets in seconds.

Saniflo’s tech support team made a point of replying to every question and message they received on Twitter. Over time, this has convinced their installers and service engineers that the Saniflo Support account is actively monitored. They can rest assured that, if they ask a question, it will be seen and it will be answered by a knowledgeable expert.

As a result, the tech support team doesn’t receive so many phone calls anymore. Because most of their work is on Twitter, they can respond to cases much faster, which means they’re able to offer a much higher standard of customer service overall. Meanwhile, they’re free to dedicate their full attention to any phone calls they do receive. And as these are usually more in-depth issues, the end result is that more pressing matters get responses much faster than ever before.

Saniflo Support Twitter

Social Media Has A Serious Business Purpose

Ann Boardman is the head of marketing and product management at Saniflo.

“Status Social taught us that social media has a serious business purpose,” she said.

“As a result of the social media plan we put together with Status Social, we were able to see how Twitter could help us reduce the number of telephone calls our busy technical team received.

“Now our service engineers can just tweet us their queries and their spare part requests. This helps to keep the phones free for the more in-depth installation calls we take from the public and from installers.”

One of our favourite things about social media is that it can be used to achieve almost anything. Whether you want to increase sales or boost your brand awareness, we can help you devise a social media strategy that’s tailored to meet your specific business goals.

But as Saniflo found, your social media strategy session won’t just create new opportunities for growth. It could also show you how to use social media to solve existing business problems.

How will social media transform your business? Just tell us what you need and we’ll show you how social media can help.

Get in touch for a free quote and a friendly chat.

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