Social Media For Customer Service

Social Media For Customer Service

Customers can be won or lost on social media.

Responding in a timely and appropriate fashion is vital.

National companies and sole traders use our social media customer service techniques to manage reputations, avoid crises and delight customers.

Work with us, and we can help you to avoid a PR nightmare while ensuring that you meet and exceed customer expectations.

We can either:

– Train you or your team to handle your customers service on social media.

– Manage your social media customer service for you.

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    Social Media For Customer Service Training

    Our practical, hands on workshops for customer service are tailored to each individual client. But we usually cover the following areas:

    – Examples of good and bad customer service.

    – What tools to use to monitor and respond to customer inquiries and complaints.

    – How to respond in the right way.

    – Ideal response times.

    – When to stall and when to ignore.

    Advanced Customer Service on Social Media

    You’ll learn from real life situations. We’ll show you how to deal with tricky situations by asking you how you’d respond to a series of real-life social media posts.

    You’ll also learn:

    – How to stay safe online.

    – The benefits of pro-active engagement.

    – How to find find hidden complaints and comments about you on social media.

    – How to cut down on unwanted queries and complaints.

    We’ll Make Sure You Use Your New Skills

    The most important part of any training is to ensure it is put into practice. Therefore, we will:

    – Work with you to formulate a plan and discuss your strategy.

    – Set deadlines for you.

    – Work with key members of your team to ensure delegates are held accountable.

    We can also call key people in the workshop once every month for three months following your training. In this way, we’ll ensure you’re putting your new skills to good use, and we can help you overcome any initial challenges.

    Your Place Or Ours?

    We can come to your place of work or we can run your workshop in our beautiful training room in Derby. Fresh coffee and triple Belgian chocolate biscuits are guaranteed!

    Arrange your social media workshop today! Call us on 01332 776 910 or 0115 824 8242.