Goodbye Facebook Reviews, Hello Facebook Recommendations

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Goodbye Facebook Reviews, Hello Facebook Recommendations

Facebook Recommendations – Because What Are Friends For?

Nothing’s more trustworthy than a recommendation from a friend. Facebook Recommendations lets you use this powerful positivity to boost your business online. 


Over the past year or so, Facebook has made it clear that they’re trying to make their platform truly social.

Up until very recently your Facebook news feed might have been filled with updates from businesses and publishers. Now you’re more likely to see posts from your friends, and from pages you’ve liked.

As part of this change, Facebook Reviews has evolved into Facebook Recommendations.

Facebook Ratings Now Recommendations

Facebook Recommendations – How Do They Work?

Right! So let’s say you’re eating a delicious quiche from a lovely quiche restaurant. All quiches are delicious, of course, but this quiche is something else entirely. It’s so good that you need to share it. So you decide to recommend the restaurant to all of your friends.

Well! Now you can write your recommendation on Facebook. Just head to the relevant Facebook page and you should see a prompt to recommend your wonderful find:

Facebook Recommendations Quiche

Click Yes, and you’ll see this dialogue box. You’ll see you’re given an option of where to share your recommendation. You can make it public, or just for your friends. Click “More Options” and you can share it with any groups and communities you may be part of:

What Do You Recommend About Quiche

Click No, and you’ll instead be asked to advise on how Quiche might improve:

How Could Quiche Improve

So you’re either writing a recommendation, or you’re offering advice for improvement. Whereas Facebook Reviews used to let you choose a score between 1 and 5, there’s no such grading here. You either recommend something, or you don’t.

Facebook pages still have ratings. But they’re now expressed as numbers, rather than stars. Those numbers are determined by the number of recommendations the page has received. But don’t worry – your old reviews still count for something:

Facebook Recommendations 1

The Facebook Recommendations App

Here’s the exciting bit. Say you find yourself in a strange new part of town. Let’s call it the Quiche District. Every other shop is selling quiches. But which quiche is right for you?

Previously, you would have had to scroll through hundreds of pages and scores of reviews to decide which quiche outlet was worth checking out. But now, all you have to do is head to the Recommendations area of your Facebook profile:

Facebook Recommendations App

Go there, and you’ll see this page:

Facebook Recommendations Header

Yep. You can ask for recommendations based on a location, or you can browse all the recommendations your friends have made. Using this system, you could be on your way to eating the perfect quiche in a matter of minutes.

Facebook users don’t even have to head to the Recommendations app in order to ask for Recommendations. If you write a status update that says something like “I’m looking for the best quiche in the Quiche District”, Facebook will automatically detect that you’re seeking recommendations and tag your post accordingly.

Facebook will also automatically tag any businesses your friends might recommend – provided those places have a Facebook page. You’ll see a map of all the places you’ve been recommended, so you’ll be able to navigate around the Quiche District with ease.

How Can I Use Facebook Recommendations For My Business?

If you want people to recommend your business on Facebook, the best thing you can do is to run the sort of business that people WANT to recommend.

That’s the great thing about this feature. It’s not the sort of thing that can be gamed. In theory, only businesses that are worth visiting will get the Recommendations. And remember, these Recommendations will be seen by the friends of those who make them. And Recommendations from friends count for a lot. 

But that said, there’s a few things you can do to make your Facebook Recommendations more effective:

– Get an active Facebook Page – Obviously!

– Add all your relevant contact details – A bio, a website, a phone number and an address. This way, people will be able to find you.

– Get a call to action button – So that people can call for more details, or reserve a table, or book an appointment – whatever!

Make your Page’s profile picture amazing – This will appear as a snippet when people recommend your page. So make it count! 

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