Are You Making the Most of Facebook and Instagram Shopping?

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Are You Making the Most of Facebook and Instagram Shopping?

Shoppers have a world of products available right at their fingertips, even when they may not be looking to buy.

How can your business make the most of social media shopping features?

We live in a world where a top that we added to our basket a few days ago on a site obsessively follows us around on our social channels. Does that influence our buying habits as a shopper, or do we ignore the adverts and continue to freak out that our favourite retailers know exactly which products we want?

How to Use Facebook & Instagram Shopping

Displaying products via Facebook Shop on your Facebook business page encourages users to browse your products, it is also a great way to get more users to click to your site. This creates an engaging experience for your followers, displaying up to date imagery and pricing from your site. The shopping template also changes your Facebook page so that the main call to action points are based upon getting more users to view and ultimately buy your products.



Facebook isn’t the only platform to steer a focus towards Shopping, Instagram have also recently seen the potential in businesses reaching their audience and active shoppers via posts and Instagram Stories. Tagging products in images or stories is a helpful way for customers to instantly find a product from an image.

Does that mean that your business should be on Instagram? Well, that would depend entirely on your industry and the products that you sell. Think about your audience and the social channel that would be most relevant.

Are Shoppers Buying Offline or Online?

Our shopping habits have changed and so has the way in which companies attract us using social media. Facebook conducted a recent survey to look at the buying habits of shoppers and how Facebook contributes to their journey.

Facebook surveyed 1,014 UK shoppers aged 18 and over who had made a purchase in the past three months. Various categories were studied from media & entertainment to household products.




Although some categories such as health, household & personal care products showed that buying offline was more common than online. 52% of this category said that they prefer to look and research products online before buying in-store.


However, 55% of shoppers in the entertainment category buy online and many of the items are digital; e-books, video games etc. The customer journey has evolved, we no longer decide based on offers alone or the way a product may look on the shelf. We are influenced by product information, reviews, recommendations, creative visuals and how easy it is to buy a product both online and offline.

From working with one of our clients, we found that over 60% of their followers go to the ‘about’ section on their Facebook page for more information about their product. Displaying your brand’s identity on social media is an essential part of a consumer’s shopping journey.


How do we connect with our customers?

Savvy shoppers want to engage with a post, and with 400 million Instagram users viewing Stories every day, it’s the ideal place to feature your products. It was announced in the survey that a staggering 76% of household shoppers use Instagram as part of their shopping journey.



Whether you buy online or offline it is obvious that Facebook’s family of apps is contributing along the way. This may be through discovery or buying a product online. It is the retailer’s responsibility to provide a social media strategy that feeds shoppers appetite for both better online and in-store shopping experiences.


You can download the infographic to find out more about the Facebook survey. If you’re wondering how Facebook or Instagram Shopping could benefit your business or how to set up Facebook and Instagram shopping.

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