Facebook Training Workshops

Facebook Training Workshops

Facebook generates more online sales than any other social network.

So why do so many businesses struggle to achieve their goals on Facebook?

It’s because the world’s biggest social network is ruled by a complicated algorithm that decides who sees your posts. This drives many business owners to spend money on Facebook advertising, as their posts regularly fail.

Our workshops will show you how to generate sales on Facebook whether you have a budget for advertising or not. We can also show you how Facebook can be used to boost brand awareness and even to cut your recruitment costs.

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Why Should You Invest in Facebook Training?

– There are 36 million Facebook accounts registered in the UK.

– People of all ages use Facebook.

– 56% of people who like your page are likely to recommend you.

– Users can therefore sell your products and services for you.

– A popular Facebook page an have a positive impact on your business’s Google ranking.

– You can maintain relationships with your customers so they will always think of you first.

– You can cut your recruitment costs, find quality staff and position your business as an employer of choice.

A real life Facebook success story

We used Facebook to help promote the 2017 Derby Book Festival and to sell tickets for its events. The Facebook posts were seen 578,794 times. Users engaged with the page 10,576 times and there were 1,192 visits to the website from Facebook. There was an increase in ticket sales of 25%.

We really felt Status Social embraced the Festival and understood the spirit and our vision in their posts. We feel sure this is reflected in the engagement. We do hope to continue our successful working partnership as we move into 2018 and our fourth Festival. Sian Hoyle, Derby Book Festival


Read more about how Derby Book Festival used Facebook to break all records in 2017.

Which Facebook workshop is right for you?

A three-hour Facebook workshop will focus on the key features of the network. We’ll show you how to use them to achieve your business objectives. This workshop spends a lot of the time on how your page look. We’ll talk about the Facebook algorithm, and tell you how to create engaging content that’s likely to be seen. This workshop is for a maximum of two people.

A five-hour Facebook workshop is about using Facebook strategically. We’ll spend more time analysing the performance of your page, and we’ll also look at your content strategy.

A seven-hour Facebook workshop is all about making Facebook one of your primary marketing channels. First we’ll put together a robust organic strategy for your page. Then we’ll show you how to use Facebook advertising to reach a large and engaged audience.

We’ll Make Sure You Use Your New Skills

The most important part of any training is to ensure it is put into practice. So after the workshop, we will:

– Work with you to formulate a plan and discuss your strategy.

– Set deadlines for you.

– Work with key members of your team to ensure they follow through with their training.

We can also call key people in the workshop once every month for three months following your training. In this way, we’ll ensure you’re putting your new skills to good use, and we can help you overcome any initial challenges.

Your Place Or Ours?

We can come to your place of work or we can run your workshop in our beautiful training room in Derby. Fresh coffee and triple Belgian chocolate biscuits are guaranteed!

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