Why wives always know best

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Is it just me or do husbands never get it right? If I make the bed, my wife will tell me I’ve not done it properly (pillows not the right shape, quilt too lumpy); when I hang out the washing my wife feels she has to go out after me to finish off the job properly (clothes not hanging at the right angle, underpants are crinkled); if I stack the dishwasher my wife feels the need to restack it (there’s a toast crumb on a plate, she’s spotted half a millimetre of unused space).

Then, when I don’t do the jobs because I am obviously not good enough at them, I get told off for not doing the housework!
My feeling is there are some jobs where it is best to do it yourself. So when I got asked to do the social media marketing for a small wine business, I said no. Not because I don’t love wine (give me a glass of red and I’m anybody’s); it’s just that I am no expert. As I explained to the wine company: if Status Social Media Marketing is managing your wine accounts on Twitter and Facebook and a potential customer tweets you from Sainsburys asking which meat goes best with his Can Rafols dels Caus, me or my team wouldn’t know the answer. We could find out by asking our client but by the time we get the answer, it may be too late. So in my opinion, we are not the best option to manage such an account. It would be better if we trained the wine business how to do it themselves. They can speak with real passion.
I never heard from that wine business again. For all I know they may have got another social media marketing business to tweet on their behalf. Do I regret my decision? No, because I want the best thing for the customer rather than looking out for our bank balance first. Sometimes it is right to manage a business’s social media accounts – but only when you can do it better than they could do it themselves.
There is a lot of mystery surrounding social media marketing but it is not unfathomable. If someone tells you it can’t be taught, they are talking rubbish. Anyone can be shown how to run their own social media accounts and time-saving devices are available to avoid Twitter and Facebook taking over your life.
So the next time someone offers to run your social media marketing, ask yourself if you really need someone to do so. Or do you need to quote my wife and reply: “I’ll do it myself because I want it done properly.”

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The Status Update: What do the new Facebook changes mean to me?

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Facebook likes evolution and it’s going through the changes again. Facebook has just announced a major revamp to its brand pages – the pages businesses use to promote themselves. But how do the changes affect us and what do we need to do to ensure the new pages work for us? Mark Saxby asks Martin Broadhurst in today’s Status Update…

The Status Update: What do the new Facebook changes mean to me? (mp3)

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The Status Update: Is it worth upgrading to a paid-for LinkedIn account?

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We all want to get something for our money – and that’s true when it comes to investing in social media. With LinkedIn, the business-to-business network, you can have an account for free but there is the opportunity to get an account with more features. Is it worth paying just under £200 a year for such an account? Mark Saxby quizzes Martin Broadhurst to find out, in today’s Status Update…

The Status Update: Is it worth upgrading to a paid-for LinkedIn account? (mp3)

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Social Media for Churches

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Facebook may have millions of people using it but how can churches and Christian organisations use it effectively? Twitter is very influential but can it make an impact with the Gospel? YouTube may have millions of users but can it really get people into church?
Our Social Media for Churches event will answer those questions and more. Areas covered during the three hour event will include:
How to use social media as an effective tool to communicate with your church/organisation.
How social media can be used to reach out to those who don’t know Jesus.
How social media can encourage positive publicity about your church/organisation.
Why you don’t need to be afraid of social media.
Why you don’t need to spend hours on it to make social media work.
Presented by Mark Saxby, the co-owner of a successful social media marketing company in Derby and a Christian for 20 years, Mark will talk you through the social media world in plain English, using the communication techniques learned in 11 years at the BBC.
Where: The Riverside Centre (home of Community Church Derby), Pride Park, Derby, DE24 8HY.
When: Saturday 3 March, 9.30am-12.30pm (refreshments from 9am).
Cost: £20 per delegate for the first two delegates per organisation. £10 per additional delegate. All prices exclude VAT.
To find out more or to book, call us on 01332 776910 or email Kerry Saxby.

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How can my business use Pinterest and what is Pinterest anyway?

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How can my business use Pinterest and what is Pinterest anyway?

What is Pinterest and how is it any use for business? It’s become one of the fastest growing social networks ever with more website traffic generated from it than LinkedIn, Google+ and YouTube put together. Take a listen to Mark Saxby quizzing Martin Broadhurst about the the social network which is getting a lot of people excited. It’s today’s Status Update…
Social media podcast - The Status UpdateWhat the heck is Pinterest? (mp3)

And you can follow Status Social on Pinterest here or check out our Pinterest for Business workshops.

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The Status Update: I’m a B2B. Which social network should I be on?

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So many social networks, so little time… but if you’re a business-to-business, which platform should you concentrate your efforts on? Listen to Mark Saxby interviewing Martin Broadhurst on the subject in The Status Update.

The Status Update: I”m a B2B. Which social network should I be on? (mp3)

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