The 8 Best Google Chrome Extensions for Social Media Managers

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The 8 Best Google Chrome Extensions for Social Media Managers

What are the best Google Chrome Extensions for getting stuff done on social media?

We’ve chosen 8 of the best Google Chrome extensions that’ll help you be more productive, accurate and creative.

If you spend a lot of time on social media – whether it’s your personal account or your business account – these extensions will make your life considerably easier. We use many of them every day in the Status Social office, so we know they truly are time savers!

Save Good Content for Later!

Best Google Chrome Extensions - Add to Buffer



We use Buffer to schedule social media posts in advance, but there’s more to it than that.

Say you see some content that you know your followers will love. The Buffer extension allows you to save this content for later. At the touch of a button – labelled “Add to Buffer” – you can quickly schedule a tweet or Facebook post about any articles, photos or videos you encounter online.

The button even works on Twitter and Facebook posts, so you can schedule retweets of anything interesting you find while browsing social media.

Try it yourself – Use the Buffer extension to share this blog!

Find the ‘Buffer’ extension here.

Best Google Chrome Extensions - Pinterest Save


Pinterest Save Button

Pinterest is a fantastic platform that enables those with a creative mind to store ideas and get inspired. The platform recently celebrated 200 million users!

The Pinterest Save Button allows you to add any piece of visual content to your Pinterest boards from anywhere on the web in a matter of seconds. This is good if you’re using Pinterest for your own personal reasons – if you see something that you know will look amazing in your bathroom, for example, you can add it to your relevant board at the touch of a button. But it’s also useful if you’re using Pinterest for business reasons. We use it to quickly save and share social media tips, for example.

Find the Pinterest Save Button extension here.


Best Google Chrome Extensions - Dragdis


Next time you find yourself with too much content to view and not enough time to view it all, turn to Dragdis.

Simply drag the content onto the extension and save it for later in a convenient and easily searchable location. You can organise the content you save in your own custom categories. Your Dragdis content can be accessed from any device, so it’s also a good way of sharing stuff with the rest of your team.

Find the Dragdis extension here. 

Get Organised!

Best Google Chrome Extensions - OneTab

One Tab

If you spend large parts of your day online, you’re sure to suffer from ‘too many tabs’ syndrome.

One Tab saves all your open tabs in one place. Just click the button and all your open tabs will be converted into a neat and easily accessible list.

Even better: One Tab can reduce up to 95% of your computer’s memory, vastly boosting your browsing speed.

Find the One Tab extension here.

Best Google Chrome Extensions - Wunderlist

Add to Wunderlist

The life of a social media manager can get pretty hectic if you don’t keep on top of your day-to-day tasks.

Add to Wunderlist lets you keep your personal and work lives separate with easily organised to-do lists.

The Chome extension encourages you to interact with your to-do list while browsing anywhere on the web. You can add web pages to your to-do list with an easy click, or simply click the button and add a task at any time.

Outside of the extension, Add to Wunderlist is a fantastic tool for teams. You can organise your lists into separate folders and assign tasks to team members.

And best of all, every time you complete a task, it plays a very satisfying sound.

Find the Add to Wunderlist extension here.

Let’s Get Serious!

Best Extensions for Google Chrome - Grammarly


Even the smallest of spelling or grammatical mistakes can ruin your online reputation. Most browsers have their own inbuilt spell checkers, but Grammarly is something else entirely. It won’t just check your spelling. It’ll also check your grammar.

Not only does Grammarly hone your writing in real time, it also provides a weekly summary of your written activity. It points out regular and common mistakes you make, which in the long term could improve your writing on the whole.

We all make mistakes. But the more you use Grammarly, the fewer mistakes you’ll make in future.

Find the Grammarly extension here.

Best extensions for Google Chrome - Social Fixer for Facebook

Social Fixer for Facebook

The Social Fixer for Facebook is full of amazing features, but in short it allows you to remove distractions and focus your time on finding and creating relevant content.

You can rearrange your Facebook interface to cut out the annoying posts and suggestions you don’t want to see. You can finally remove those irritating adverts and political posts!

But it’s more than just an adblocker. The Social Fixer allows you to tweak text – changing font styles and sizes to make things easier to read – and even make your newsfeed anonymous. This is perfect for if you want to take screenshots of comments and posts without revealing the identity of the original posters.

Find the Social Fixer for Facebook extension here. 

And Finally, Because Everyone Loves Gifs…

Best Google Chrome Extensions - Giphy

Giphy for Chrome

Quickly respond to a tweet or Facebook comment with a light-hearted gif. Giphy allows you to search for the perfect gif without leaving the tab. And posting the gif couldn’t be easier either. Simply drag the gif from the Giphy extension and drop it right in the posting box.

But remember: there’s a time and a place for gifs, and if you’re using social media for business, it’s essential that you use the right tone of voice. Learn more about choosing the right tone of voice for your business here.

Find the Giphy extension here.

Have we missed your favourite extension? Let us know in the comments below.

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